TechWeek site
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  1. # TechWeek Website
  2. [![CircleCI](](
  3. This repository contains the Techweek website
  4. The website was written to have the Google Material Design look and feel.
  5. MaterializeCSS was used to speed up the process.
  6. ## Deployment
  7. To deploy to a server just run from the parent of of the folder you want to
  8. deploy too. _Example written assuming folder deployed is techweek/dist_
  9. ```
  10. git clone
  11. cd techweek
  12. npm install
  13. ```
  14. ### Docker
  15. ```
  16. docker-compose run --rm web yarn
  17. ```
  18. ## How it works
  19. The events.json contains a JSON object containing all events pages.
  20. All the pages themselves are stored in events folder. Each page is a json file
  21. with all the details about that years talks.
  22. The JSON is used to fill a mustache template since all the pages are the same
  23. format and layout and output to dist. The page called Home in the `events.json`
  24. will be set as the main page.
  25. The `main.js` file is responsible for displaying the countdown and loading the
  26. video feed. Also, it changes colour of the header and individual days, depending
  27. on the amount of times you have visited the page. It also handles the #Day so a
  28. specific day can be linked to.
  29. Gulp concats this with materilize and minifies it to `dist/js`
  30. ---
  31. ## Development
  32. ### Local Development
  33. Run `gulp dev` which will compile the less, watch it and start a webserver at
  34. localhost:8000 to view the site.
  35. ### Docker
  36. ```
  37. docker-compose run --rm web yarn
  38. docker-compose up -d
  39. ```
  40. ### SCSS
  41. All the css is compiled from scss in the css directory.
  42. Run `gulp dev` to have gulp watch the less directory and compile all the less in
  43. to `dist/css`.
  44. Run `gulp` to compile the sass to css in `dist/css`