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  1. Hello folks,
  2. I'd firstly like to apologise on behalf of the redbrick admins,
  3. We had a script that mailed all of the clubs and socs about
  4. membership renewals when it shouldn't have.
  5. I would like to just reconfirm that all clubs and socs do have free web
  6. hosting with redbrick and your membership will automatically be renewed
  7. each year.
  8. Assuming you reading this are the webmaster for your society,
  9. would you be interested in a tutorial that goes through the various
  10. elements to redbricks webhosting? OR would you instead be interested
  11. in an online resource or page that just has all the (clubs & socs)
  12. hosting information you need?
  13. I'd be grateful if you could get back to me on
  14. with some feedback on the questions above,
  15. Kind regards,
  16. maK - redbrick Admin