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butlerx 2017-04-06 09:00:27 [AGM] AGM Results

Dear Redbrick members,

Redbrick would like to introduce our new committee and wish them good luck in the next year.

  • Chairperson: Terry Bolt (tbolt)
  • Secretary: Wojtek Bednarzak (voy)
  • Treasurer: Ciara Godwin (hexagon)
  • Public Relations Officer: Chris Dowling (winesnob)
  • Events Officer: James Mc Dermott (mctastic)
  • System Administrator: Alex Mcgrath Kraak (akraak)
  • System Administrator: Cormac Smartt (pints)
  • System Administrator: Tom Doyle (greenday)
  • Webmaster: Ben McMahon (mcmahon)
  • Helpdesk: Sahil Mehra (pr0n)
  • Helpdesk: Michal Durinik (mikello)