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The bridge adds all users from discord with the suffix `_d2` and all irc users appear as them self but tagged as a bot in discord. Not all discord channels are on IRC, the config above contains a mapping of irc channels to discord channels id's. This needs to be manually updated to add more channels.

## Icecast
## Icecast - `mcmahon`

Icecast is a streaming server that we currently host on paphos

We stream DCUFm's Broadcasts to their apps via a stream presented on ``

They serve an audio stream (stream128.mp3) via butt on a desktop in their studio to `icecast2`.

Icecast requires root privilege to bind to Port 80; normally icecast2 runs as the `icecast2` user and binds to `8001`.

### Procedure

Change configuration.


<!-- Sources log in with username 'source' --> <-- This is the audio source.
<source-password>$password1</source-password> <-- This must be copied for the DCUFM buttrc.
<!-- Relays log in username 'relay' -->
<admin-user>admin</admin-user> <-- This is for the WebUI frontend


<bind-address></bind-address> <-- i.p. addr for A Record.

After that you must configure the default behaviour for the icecast server to allow icecast2 to bind to port 80.

Set `USERID` & `GROUPID` in `/etc/defaults/icecast2` to `root`.

## NFS / Network File Storage