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@@ -73,19 +73,18 @@ For example inside the `ldap-register.sh` script used by the `/register` endpoin

- This is prevalent in our implementation of the API that creates and modifies users' `webtree` directory.

As a result, the API has a hard dependancy on manually granting the user permissions to their webtree directory - when the `webtree` dir is created it is owned by root.
*How do we fix this?*

**Why not just do this inside** `/scripts/ldap-register.sh`?
Instead of relying on using users/group names for the chown command, it is advisable to instead use their unique id's.

- The creation of the `webtree` directory for the user requires `chown` to be run, to give the user permissions for their respective directory (i.e `/storage/webtree/U/USER_NAME`)
# For example, the following commands are equivalent.
chown USERNAME:member /storage/webtree/U/USERNAME

- In the command `chown USER_NAME:member /storage/webtree/U/USER_NAME`, the `USER_NAME:member` arg is dependant on the LDAP user and group (member) being available.

- This is not possible inside the docker container.

For this reason, the webtree permissions portion of `/register` is outsourced to being done manually (usually at the same time as when an account is created).

A possible current solution is to run this permissions updating on a job at some interval, and setting permissions for anyone with 'NEWBIE: TRUE' in their ldap data.
chown 13371337:103 /storage/webtree/U/USERNAME
# Where 13371337 is userid and 103 is the id for the 'member' group.

Note that USERNAME can be used to refer to the user's web directory here since it is the name of the directory and doesn't refer to the user object.