scripts for helpdesk talks
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  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. mkdir ~/.weechat
  3. curl -o "$HOME/.weechat/weechat.conf"
  4. curl -o "$HOME/.weechat/trigger.conf"
  5. curl -o "$HOME/.weechat/irc.conf"
  6. curl -o "$HOME/.weechat/alias.conf"
  7. user=$(whoami)
  8. sed -i "s/USERNAME_HERE/$user/g" "$HOME/.weechat/irc.conf"
  9. echo "Have you set up your NickServ Password?(y/N)"
  10. read -r answer
  11. if echo "$answer" | grep -iq "^y" ; then
  12. echo "What is your Paswword"
  13. read -r PASS
  14. sed -i "s/NICKSERV_PASSWORD/$PASS/g" "$HOME/.weechat/irc.conf"
  15. else
  16. echo "Remeber to msg Nickserv to register"
  17. fi
  18. echo "All done just run weechat to chat to people"