scripts for helpdesk talks
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Cian Butler cf09813175
update weechat conf to use ssl
wcconf update weechat conf to use ssl 11ヶ月前 update wordpress setup 4年前
confweechat fix wordpress script2 4年前
screenrc update screen and tmux setup 4年前
setupScreen fix wordpress script2 4年前
setupTmux fixed git address to actual script 4年前
setupWordpress fix wordpress script2 4年前


Scripts used by helpdesk for talks and to help users set up services. All scripts are hosted in ~edu and can be run from their or downloaded and ran.


  • setup Wordpress ~edu/setupWordpress
  • setup tmux ~edu/setupTmux
  • Setup Weechat ~edu/confweechat
  • setup screen ~edu/setupScreen