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## Redbrick Helpdesk Exam: EGM March 2019
##### Created with love by mctastic. branch was just guilted into it.

- This exam consists of 30 questions, each worth 3 marks, for a total of 90.
- 40% (36 marks) is required to pass.
- Attempt marks will be granted where appropriate.

### A: General (15 marks)
1. How do you log into Redbrick?
2. What are vim and nano? How do exit them when I'm done?
3. What is a shell? What is your default shell on Redbrick?
4. What command do I use to change permissions on my files?
5. What are screen and tmux both used for?

### B: Redbrick Services
1. What would you use each of the following for? (1 mark each)
- ``
- ``
- ``
- ``
- ``
- ``
2. Name two of Redbrick servers.
3. Name what those servers are used for.
4. What is the name of the weekly Redbrick programming workshop?

### C: IRC (15 marks)
1. What is IRC and what does it stand for?
2. How do I join the Redbrick IRC?
3. How can I join new channels on IRC?
4. How can I start a new direct message with someone on IRC?
5. What does "/whois branch" do?

### D: Webspace
1. How do I avail of one of these swanky Redbrick webspaces??
2. I've loaded some html and CSS files into my `public_html` folder, but I get a 403 error when I try to visit my site. What's going on?
3. What is Markdown? Can you provide an example of what it is useful for?
4. Where should I go to view my Redbrick website?
5. What are you not allowed to host on your Redbrick webspace?

### E: Email
1. What is the correct etiquette for replying to emails sent to `` or ``?
2. What options are available for accessing your Redbrick email?
3. All of my Redbrick emails are being forwarded to my DCU email address! How can I turn this off?
4. What platforms do we use to allow people to contact committee/helpdesk?
5. True or False: forwards to ?

### F: Scenarios & Etiquette
_Briefly outline how you'd respond to these scenarios/messages/emails!_
1. Hey there, I need a password reset on my account. My username is branch. Can you help?
2. Can you please unsubscribe me from this mailing list?
3. I have a complaint to make about a current committee member/talk. This is a sensitive issue and I feel offended/worried/uncomfortable. Is there anything that can be done?
4. Hey there, I was wondering if someone from Redbrick would be able to go over some of my lecture material with me before my big exam! Can you help me?
5. Hi I would like to promote a job offer for no money/some money/too much money to be true, do you have anyone who'd be interested?

### `b o n u s r o u n d`
_This round carries no marks but will make correcting your exam far less boring!_

1. Are there any talks or events you'd like us to organise? Any talks you'd like to give personally?
2. What's your opinion on Space Jesus?
3. Who is favourite committee member and WHY?
4. If you weren't elected helpdesk, who would you like to be in the position?
5. If you had a choice, what would you name a new Redbrick server?
6. Is branch the *real* Slim Shady?
7. Pineapple on pizza? Discuss in no less than 100 words.

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@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ you must first pass an exam. Here are some exams from previous years.

## Helpdesk Test

* [2018 EGM](./helpdesk-test-2018-egm)
* [2018 AGM](./helpdesk-test-2018-agm)
* [2017 EGM](./helpdesk-test-2017-egm)
* [2017 AGM](./helpdesk-test-2017-agm)