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title: Welcome to Redbrick
date: 2016-04-17 16:22:40
type: about
banner: welcome.jpg

Redbrick is DCU's Computer Networking Society.

It was originally setup to give students the opportunity to experiment with UNIX systems. Over time redbrick has grown in both computing and social aspects. The social aspects range from meeting up in the bar to events such as Q-Zar and Bowling.
We hold tutorials during the year that will demonstrate how to use the services that Redbrick offer and to teach members learn topics such as programming and web design.

Redbrick's primary servers are Azazel, Paphos, Pygmalion and Metharme. These provides the major services that you will be using including programming environments, web services, and our IRC server.

The following will introduce you to a selection to our services and provide links to a selection of tutorials to get you started.

## Services on Redbrick
Redbrick offers a number of services which are found on the servers we operate for our members. They are available at any time from any internet connected device.

Some of the services Redbrick offers include the following;
- [Email](
- [IRC Chat]( - [IRC on the Wiki](
- [Wiki](
- Programming Enviroments
- Newsgroups

## Logging in to Redbrick.
You can login to redbrick using a number of different methods.

### Web Client.
Click [here]( to open a terminal in your web browser. Enter your username and password when prompted.

### Desktop Client.
Click [here]( to view our guide on using ssh and setting up PuTTY on your windows computer.

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