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title: Week 6 | Demonware | Linux Installfest | Ball Tickets
date: 2017-10-22 13:25:00
author: pints
banner: rb-demonware.png
- Demonware
- Linux
- Ball
- HvZ
- Hackerclub

Happy Sunday, folks!
As Week 6 rolls around and mid-term exams loom, we've a week of fantastic events to keep your spirits up!

- Demonware @ Redbrick
- Linux Installfest
- E & C Ball Tickets now on sale!
- Humans vs Zombies
- Hackerclub

<!-- more -->

## Demonware @ Redbrick
### Monday 23/10/2017 | 5pm | L101

Demonware provides online gaming services for Activision games, including Call of Duty. Engineers at Demonware will talk about working in the gaming industry and challenges associated with providing online services for one of the worlds largest entertainment franchises.

## Linux Installfest
### Wednesday 25/10/2017 | 5pm | LG26

What's this Linux thing all the cool kids are talking about? _Why should you care?_ Come on down to LG26 this Wednesday, where we'll give you the low-down on the world's most widely used operating system!

There'll be a quick overview of what Linux is & what is has to offer, followed by a hands-on tutorial where you'll install your very own Linux system, either on a Virtual Machine, or your own laptop.

This may sound like an intimidating event, but we're committed to making our talks accessible to everyone! People of all skill levels are more than welcome, and we'll be ensuring everyone's up to speed before we move on to anything new.

## Humans vs. Zombies

Once again, DCU Games Society (Gamessoc) have asked that we remind everyone that their annual Humans Vs. Zombies event begins this Monday! Full details of the event & how to sign up can be found below:

## Engineering & Computing Ball Tickets
Just a quick heads up that tickets for this year's Engineering & Computing ball will be on sale this week! Details and pricing can be found on the event page below:

[Engineering & Computing Ball](

## Hackerclub
### Thursday 26/10/2017 | 4pm | L101

Hackerclub will be continuing as usual this Thursday, starting at 4pm. Come on down to practive your programming, eat pizza, and chat with us! We'll be working through some less-demanding problems until 5pm, and then we'll step up the difficulty for the brave amongst you!

Have a good week everyone!
Your friendly neighborhood SysAdmin,

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##Intro to Git
## Intro to Git

A quick reminder that Intro to Git is on today in LG25 @15:00. Stephen Blott will give a talk on the wondrous world of git.

##Common Room
## Common Room

As all of you know, we have repeatedly highlighted that members must clean up after themselves in the Common Room. Over the past week, the room has been left messy repeatedly. As a result, the Room Committee have elected to close the room for the following 2 days. Further closures and/or loss of access to the room can be expected if this situation does not improve.

## HvZ

The zombies are coming!
GamesSoc's zombie-themed chase game, Humans vs Zombies, takes place next week - all week. Humans must fend off the zombies with Nerf guns, rolled-up socks, or their wit.
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ GamesSoc will also have a stand in the Henry Grattan building from 12pm until 2p

GamesSoc are hosting an info and raffle event in C124 at 6pm on Thursday to explain HvZ. If you are lucky you may even win a nerf gun.

## PyCon

As you may have heard, PyCon will be taking place this Saturday & Sunday in Dublin! As in previous years, Redbrick will be offering subsidised tickets for our members who wish to attend.

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Redbrick PRO 2017-2018

##s o c i a l m e d i a
## s o c i a l m e d i a
Twitter: @RedbrickDCU