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  James McDermott 1b0d4125ef add committee of 2018-19 and the current committee of 2019-20 (#322) 2 years ago
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  Frazl ff147d3357 cmt update 3 years ago
  James McDermott 80767bb002 fixed announce links 3 years ago
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  James McDermott fd88977ae5 amended information about the 1997-98 Redbrick Committee 3 years ago
  James McDermott 172edc8f0e added 2018 AGM admin exam 3 years ago
  Ben McMahon 7050271845
Add new proposed chicken fillet roles and fixes 3 years ago
  James McDermott 364059bcc7 removed live lin 3 years ago
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  James McDermott 5ffa2f08bd added link to live exam 3 years ago
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  Clíodhna Harrison 54467687e0
Fix syntax in exam index.md 3 years ago
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  Frazl 3bac284186 Updated cmt page, added old cmt to new page, updated old cmts page to display 2017-2018 cmt link, updated cmt images, updated homepage to add latest news. 3 years ago
  Cian Butler 2ad064b7ed
stray spaces 3 years ago
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fix exam formatting 3 years ago
  Cliodhna Harrison f07b40e15a Add Helpdesk test AGM 2018 3 years ago
  theycallmemac a011be4d00 renumbered announces and addd latest announce 3 years ago
  Ben McMahon aaea491d44
Revert "This weeks announce & changes to incorrect announce names" 3 years ago
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  Chris Dowling 313ed9fd9e Added Week 12 Announce 4 years ago
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Update index.md 4 years ago
  Chris Dowling 53de277810 2017 EGM Helpdesk Exam added 4 years ago
  Chris Dowling 17032df21b Week 11 Announce 4 years ago
  Sangreal8 a82f0df4bf added Sangreal's picture to committee info 4 years ago
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  Chris Dowling 40d97cf37e Week 10 announce added 4 years ago
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