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Wrap contents of latest announce. 4 years ago
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  Chris Dowling 83f0ff614b
Update index.md 4 years ago
  Chris Dowling ccc1571c66 Changed headings on Constitution page 4 years ago
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  Cormac Smartt 728a48e701 Add Microsoft signup link to Week 7 Announce 4 years ago
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  Chris Dowling 1925f3af12
Rename 2017-Week-7-announce.md to 2017-week-7-announce.md 4 years ago
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Update 2017-Week-7-announce.md 4 years ago
  Chris Dowling a24ef2b921 Added Announce week 7 4 years ago
  Terry Bolt f207db56cc Merge pull request #259 from GoldenBadger/update-regulations 4 years ago
  tbolt ad3b82d6b2
Added bot owners. 4 years ago
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Update regulations. 4 years ago
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  Nicholas Blott ff8563b726 fixed spacing in constitution page 4 years ago
  Terry Bolt 6389bdf5b3 Merge pull request #257 from daguttierrez/adding-test 4 years ago
  Diego Gutierrez 38a0a094b1 Jest has been added in order to test the app 4 years ago
  Cormac Smartt 23f74270d1 Merge pull request #256 from GoldenBadger/issue-pr-templates 4 years ago
  tbolt a3e206e556
Add pull request template. 4 years ago
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Add issue template. 4 years ago
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Update license in package.json. 4 years ago
  tbolt eb27cab162
Rewrap copyright notice. 4 years ago
  tbolt 4c6e74cf03
Clarify copyright notice. 4 years ago
  Cian Butler ffac44b6dc
try ratify both code of conducts 4 years ago
  tbolt b08ce6a4ec
Change copyright notice to include contributors. 4 years ago
  tbolt e30c8474c2
Add copyright notice to base of README.md. 4 years ago
  Cormac Smartt 6615d6a5f7 Added announce for week 6. (#248) 4 years ago
  tbolt e8ee355dd8
Replace the MIT license with GPL. 4 years ago
  Chris Dowling 7bfd274cfa Added announce 5 and a half (#247) 4 years ago
  Chris Dowling 769c7a594d Added Week 5 Announce (#246) 4 years ago
  Cian Butler d480d29565 remove unneeded line (#245) 4 years ago
  Chris Dowling b9f8652144 Updated Committee Page and added sign up to announce week 4 (#244) 4 years ago
  Chris Dowling d669ea55a6 Fixed line breaks for links in Week 4 announce (#243) 4 years ago
  Chris Dowling c45875c505 Fixed line breaks in week 4 announce (#242) 4 years ago
  Chris Dowling c65239bdab Added Week 4 announce (#241) 4 years ago
  Wojtek Bednarzak f60042a588 Update hardware link to docs.rb site (#240) 4 years ago
  Cormac Smartt 134dc093f7 are you happy now, nanaki? - Fixes #236 (#239) 4 years ago
  Cian Butler 9c75c56170 use mailto over form (#238) 4 years ago
  James Mc Dermott cd4830e05b updated services, closes issue #174 (#237) 4 years ago
  Cormac Smartt 1d43904977 Fix week 3 event times (#234) 4 years ago
  Ciara Godwin b5bb739046 Update joining-help information. (#232) 4 years ago
  Cormac Smartt 245825b80d Week 3 Mid-Week announce (#233) 4 years ago