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Missing Member Haus 2012-02-04 14:48:24 bunbun.jpg [missing member bunbun]

One of our members has been reported as missing to the Gardai.

If anyone has seen Paul Bunbury(bunbun) since Thursday the 2nd of February at approx. 4pm can they please either contact Whitehall Garda Station on 01 666 4500 or get in touch with us.

**Update: A poster has been made. Please print it off and put it up in your local area, no matter where you are.

Email Us

Here’s the post made on about him, it includes a picture of him: bunbun

Please retweet this post or make another post to twitter with the hashtag #FindPaulB

He was last seen in the Redbrick/Engsoc Common Room (N109A) but nobody has been able to contact him since. His family are very worried about him.

Any information about his whereabouts since Thursday the 2nd of February at 4pm will be greatly appreciated.

There have also been posts made to the Redbrick Facebook group about him:

Please keep an eye out for him and spread the word.

Thanks from all of the redbrick committee members.