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Week 10 News & Events 2013-12-01 18:47:05 polka [Christmas EGM pints] week10.png week10.png

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas... With the end of the semester looming, here’s what’s happening with Redbrick this week!

  • Monday Social Pints
  • Christmas Party
  • Facebook Page
  • Exams
  • EGM
  • Project Services

Monday Social Pints

We’re having a small get together this week, from 6pm on wards on Monday we’ll be having a few pints together in the NuBar. It’s a good opportunity to sit down, chill out, and escape assignments and exams for a short while! Keep an eye out for the Redbrick hoodies if you don’t recognise anyone!

Christmas Party

Christmas Party We will be hosting our annual Christmas party in week 11 this year, with a number of wonderful societies! Get your Santa hats, Christmas jumpers and tinsel at the ready, we’ll have drink specials, and a very special visit from a man in a red suit... With presents of course! Refreshments will be available on the night, we’ll have more information for you all before then!
Facebook event:


Interested in running for one of our open positions as System Administrator, Webmaster, or Helpdesk? Let us know! You must register to sit an exam before running for these positions. Email committee to register to sit one of these exams as soon as possible, if you are interested.


We have a number of open positions on our committee, so we’re looking for interested people to get involved. We currently have the following positions open: System Administrator, Helpdesk, Webmaster, Secretary and Events Officer. Be sure to come along to the EGM, even if you don’t want to run for anything, we will have loads of pizza and little something for our Christmas Party... Time and date yet to be confirmed, but once we know - you’ll know!
Facebook event:

Project Services

Making a web application for your third or fourth year project and need somewhere to host it? Redbrick provide free Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with port 80 and 443 publicly accessible from the internet for all members. More info can be found on our wiki at, or by contacting admins

Facebook Page

Our new Facebook like page is fully set up, and we’ll be holding a competition before the end of the semester, so give the page a cheeky like and keep an eye our, just so you don’t miss it