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Week 7 News & Events polka 2013-11-10 17:58:56 week7.png week7.png [web design installfest admin irsih cancer society]

This week is looking to be great! We have Web development 101 tutorial with Maximilian Hoffmann and our annual Linux Installfest. So if you want to learn some web or get Linux installed on your laptop, this is the week for you!

  • Web Development Talk
  • Linux Installfest
  • Admin Exam
  • Trip Away
  • Irish Cancer Society Fundraiser

Web Development Talk

This week instead of our Helpdesk talk we will be having our very own Maximilian Hoffmann (tsov). Max is currently working for Terminal4 while finishing his final year, and he’ll be showing us how to create a good looking website easily. We will be going from the very basics upwards, so if you have no experience don’t worry! There may be a sneaky surprise as well at the talk, so bring along your friends! We will be covering a number of topics during the workshop, including:

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • The box model
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Introduction to Bootstrap

Linux Installfest

This Thursday, we’ll be hosting our annual Linux Installfest instead of admin training. Bring along your laptop and we will show you how to install a Linux partition on your hard drive, or if you prefer; a virtual machine for you to access and use as you wish. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions about Linux, and learn more about the process of installing and using Linux operating systems. We’ll have a choice of three distributions on the day - OpenSuse, Ubuntu or Mint. It is recommended that those attending take a full backup of their files; though it’s very unlikely, it is possible to lose data during the installation it’s always best to ensure your files are safe.

Admin Exam

We’re still looking for our third Sysadmin to elect to the committee, so within the next week or two we will be hosting our admin exam. You must sit and pass the exam to be considered for election as an admin, so if you are looking into running please email admins to register your interest.

Trip Away

We here on committee are busy planning a trip away for the inter-semester break; between exams and semester two. Two years ago we went to Brussels to attend the Free Open Source Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM), which members really enjoyed - however this year the first day or FOSDEM falls on the last day of the exam period (31st of January). So we’re looking for something a bit more suitable and asking for your suggestions. Please email committee if you have any ideas!

Irish Cancer Society Fundraiser

Some of our members who have been affected by cancer are working together to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society. The members will be dying their hair, getting their legs waxed (ouch!) and getting cancer related tattoos, all to reach their goal of €3,000. If you would like to donate, you can contact or check out their fundraising page at