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Week 8 News & Events polka 2012-03-25 23:02:57 pizza.png pizza.png [AGM exams]

We’re flying through semester two, and here’s what’s happening with Redbrick this week!

  • Technical Exams
  • AGM

Technical Exams

We are holding a number of technical exams for our upcoming AGM. The Webmaster and System Administrator exams will be held on Monday, the 26th of March. If you wish to take the Admin exam, contact the admins, or meet with them at 6.30pm in the Computing building lobby for the exam. If you wish to take the Webmaster exam, contact the webmaster


It’s that time of year again! Come along to vote for who you want to be on your committee for the coming year, or nominate yourself for one of the positions available. There will be pizza provided, so be sure to come along and have your say!