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Week-9 News & Events 2013-11-24 18:28:47 polka week9.png week9.png [helpdesk Fundraising Trip Christmas admin]

Things are starting to wind down. This week we have a Q&A session with Helpdesk and a continuation of our LAMP stack tutorial. More info inside.

  • Helpdesk Talk
  • Admin Training
  • Project Services
  • EGM
  • Christmas Party
  • Irish Cancer Society Fundraiser
  • Trip Away

Helpdesk Talk

This week’s Helpdesk talk will be a simple drop in session in LG26 on Tuesday at 5pm. Any questions about previous talks? Questions about problems you have? Want to just annoy Andrew and Niall? Sounds like you should come along. As always, there will some good ol’ Firehouse pizza. If you missed talks from previous weeks you can find the slides here:

Admin Training

Interested in running for our webmaster and/or admin position this year? Or even just interested in Redbrick services? This will be a good opportunity to ask any questions and review previous training sessions with our admin team. Pop into L128 at 6pm on Thursday to answer your questions. And of course, as usual there will be pizza.

Project Services

Making a web application for your third or fourth Year Project and need somewhere to host it? Redbrick provide free Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with port 80 and 443 publicly accessible from the internet for all members. More info can be found on our wiki or by contacting admins


With a few available positions on the committee, we will be holding an EGM during week 11. Date and time will be confirmed soon, the positions available are:

  • Systems Administrator
  • Webmaster
  • Events Officer
  • Secretary
  • Helpdesk

If you think you would be interested in running for any of the above positions, you can contact us at to learn more about the positions. If you are interested in running for our admin, Helpdesk or webmaster positions, you must sit and pass an exam to run. Previous exams can be found at:

Christmas Party

We’ll be hosting our annual Intersocs Christmas party in week 11 as well as our EGM. Date and time will be confirmed soon, but we will have food, presents, and a special visit from Santa...

Irish Cancer Society Fundraiser

Some of our members who have been affected by cancer are working together to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society. The members will be dying their hair, getting their legs waxed (ouch!) and getting cancer related tattoos, all to reach their goal of &3,000. If you would like to donate, you can contact lithium or check out their fundraising page at

Trip Away

We here on committee are busy planning a trip away for the inter-semester break; between exams and semester two. Two years ago we went to Brussels to attend the Free Open Source Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM), which members really enjoyed - however this year the first day or FOSDEM falls on the last day of the exam period (31st of January). So we’re looking for something a bit more suitable and asking for your suggestions. Please email committee if you have any ideas!