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Redbrick Admin Team

  • This address can be used to contact the Admin team if you have any requests regarding your account or any special service requests.
  • Please provide your Redbrick username (if applicable or you are not using your Redbrick email address) and in the case of getting unsubscribed to a mailing list the mailing list’s name and the email subscribed is very important.
  • Email the Redbrick Admin Team

Helpdesk Team

If you have any queries about the functionality of your Redbrick account, or if you have any issues you want explained, you can contact the Helpdesk Team

Accounts And Finance

Enquiries regarding membership and financing should be directed to our Treasurer.


If you would like to get involved with the Webgroup (more information here) or have web-related Redbrick queries, please email the Webmaster.


If there is a general matter you wish to raise with the Committee please Email use here.


If there is a matter you would like to raise with committee concerning the abuse of redbrick services you can contact committee here.

Discussion Lists

Redbrick hosts many discussion and announce lists which can be viewed here. Two lists members may find interesting are the admin discussion list and the trainee admin list.