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Helpdesk test 2000 AGM
-------------------------------Helpdesk Test April 2000-------------------------------

1) "I want to change my real name to Ted Bundy, how do I do this?"

2) "Hi this is munchkin mailing from bob's account. I've forgotten
    my password, can u please send it to me at my hotmail addy: 
        - can it be quick I'm in a hurry to send an imortant mail

3)  I can read the news groups okay but if I try to post it says that I am unable
    to write to file and people who mail me get the mail bounced back

4)  I hate writing out prince_v and cthulu each time I want to mail them as there names
    are so awkward to type. Is there a short cut I can use?

5)  "I understand chmod 755 blahfile but what do these number represent?

6)  I'd like to sort out all of my mail into diffrent folders, is this possible?

7)  How do I save accounts from my accoun to my C drive?

8)  If u recive a mail for "bob" asking u to mail his password to
    what should u do?

9)  "Every time I try to get into slrn i get the message:
	prince_v@enima ~(40) slrn
slrn (Oct  5 1999 16:46:37)

Reading startup file /usr/local/lib/slrn/slrn.rc.
loading /usr/local/lib/slrn/
Using newsrc file .jnewsrc for server fatal error:
slrn: pid 67761 is locking the newsrc file.

What do I do!1 The last time I was logged on I neede to reboot my computer after a crash
if this helps

10) "I want have a signature at the end of each e-mail how do I do this?

11) Can u please tell me how to chat to other Brickies on-line

12) How wud I set up my redbrick account to forward my mails to eudora?

13) I know u probally get asked this loadsbut how do u set up a web page?

14) Hi, I've create dthe basics of a webpage following the instruction on ur help
    page but when I go to access it I get the error message "U don't have permission 
    to acceess /~prince_v/ on this server" can u help"

15) How do I post messages to the news groups?

16) I want to set up Eudora to check and send my mail usin gmy redbrick account.  I am
    able to check the mail but I don't know what to enter for the SMTP server can u help?

17) Hi, folks maybe u could help me. When I quit the mail serveice it asks me if i want to
    transfer my read messages into a member's box or something.  WHat is the hell is this
    How do I open it? CAn I get old emails out of it to forward them

18) Hi, I'm using zsh and pressing up to get the pervious command doesn't seem to be working
    sice the OS up grade. it's working in tcsh any idea what the story is?