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Helpdesk test 2002 AGM
1) On Mother, how does one make a web page?

2) I started elm, and it gave me this message

		remove /tmp/mbox.user

   what do I do? (and more importantly, how am I writing this mail. :-))

3) I want to change my username to luser! 

4) My friend tom has lost his password, can you send it to me?

5) How do I make a mail alias in mutt?

6) How do I attach documents in mutt?

7) According to a friend of mine, I was told that there is something wrong
 with my path as I was unable to run some executable programs that I compiled
 myself in my own directory. Could you help me sort this problem out? 

8) I want to know how would I go about logging straight into a shell
instead of Flin. What I mean is how do i change my shell from Flin to tcsh?

9) All of a sudden whenever I go to send a message using elm I am prompted
to save the message to a temp file only then can i send it.
it wasnt always like this and it a wee bit annoying.
any suggestions?

10) How do I send this word document to my friend in Spain? I am using
    the computers in the Henry Grattan Building.

11) Help. I've deleted an important mail message....from a friend in India
about a job. Is there any way of getting it back?

12) How do I set up PGP for my mails?

13) I'd like to be able to sort all of my incoming mail into separate
folders. Is there any way that I could possibly do this?

14) Whenever I try to send mail, and I've typed for half an hour, the
connection sometimes crashes. What the hell is going on? I paid 2 pounds
for this 'service'. If you don't do something about it, I want my money

15) What is 'news', and how do I access it?

16) I've set up a webpage, typed 'chmod 755 ~/public_html', then typed
'chmod -R 744 public_html/', but still when I try to access my page, it
says that I don't have permission to access this file. What am I doing

17) I don't like the new mail reading program. Is there any way I can use
the old one?

18) I was given the password 'GoHjIjk7'. Why doesn't it work?

19) I received a mail with lots of funny text in it, the first line in it was
begin 600 mumble, what do I do?

20) How do I save files from my account onto the c:\