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Joining Redbrick is easy.

What is Redbrick?

That’s a good question! Redbrick is DCU’s Computer Networking Society. Want to know more? Try our about page!

Who can join Redbrick?

Membership is open to all past and present students and staff of Dublin City University, and St. Pat’s, Drumcondra.

How much does it cost?

  • Students - €4
  • Associates - €8
  • Staff - €8

What username can I have?

Almost anything you want - providing the username is available and no more than eight characters in length!

How can I pay?

Visit our stand on Clubs & Societies day in the first couple of weeks of either semester. Bank transfer or lodgement - see below for our bank details. PayPal - see below for our PayPal payment form. This is the fastest way to join or renew your membership! If all else fails, you can arrange to meet a Committee member on-campus.


If you have any difficulty, please Email Treasurer. If you have any other issues, please Email Admins.

Pay By PayPal

Please send an Email to Admins with:

  • Your transaction ID.
  • Your Redbrick username.
  • If you are a new user, we require your DCU student / staff ID number.

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Pay by bank transfer / lodgement

Please contact the Treasurer to make arrangements to pay via bank transfer.

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