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  cns 433f0f6d16 Initial revision 16 years ago
  cns 85b654e2d0 Handle the output from the new barcode scanner. 16 years ago
  cns 7a8d4ac199 Python's usually in /usr/bin these days. 16 years ago
  cns 3f952dab03 We can set quotas again! 16 years ago
  cns e64c926bd8 Add list_users command to list all user accounts. 16 years ago
  phaxx ab9994dec5 added -r option to setquota, so it will attempt to set remote quotas via RPC if necessary. 16 years ago
  cns 65c2057ef7 Initial revision 16 years ago
  phaxx bbe38d09be fixed setquota format for linux. 16 years ago
  cns b253e7a26e Various voodoo to get useradm renew() working. 17 years ago
  cns b58fef8148 Add override option to merge 17 years ago
  cns 3dcd034313 Initial revision 17 years ago
  dizer be8cf48635 CSD change stuff. 17 years ago
  cns 8fa22de7fc useradm stuff todo 17 years ago
  cns e3c37c8538 /webtree moved to deathray, on NFS now so can't do local 18 years ago
  dizer 5e53da1914 Add setshell function for setting shell to anything. 18 years ago
  dizer 34cbdc8052 add loginShell 18 years ago
  dizer 88777045e0 Allow for removal of directory trees to fail. 18 years ago
  cns d187b41834 Carbon is what deathray used to be (*sigh*) 18 years ago
  cns d589fe989b The list of all non-renewed users with reset shells should 18 years ago
  cns 7b8af3c396 Only present warning about non-renewed accounts if they are subject to yearsPaid. 18 years ago
  cns d5ae72451f If resetting shell or password for user and they're not renewed 18 years ago
  cns 5dbf4da368 Add path to rrs directory to rrs directory filenames. 18 years ago
  cns 803e35f786 Huge number of changes to get useradm (somewhat) working for RRS3. 18 years ago
  cns 8e2a0d3226 change all variables so that they have common prefixes not suffixes (file_xxx) 18 years ago
  cns 27b81eba13 add rrs.log and presync.txt file options 18 years ago
  cns 75f9656460 Switch to new account setup, removed a lot of functions that 18 years ago
  cns a29d98f01a Initial revision 18 years ago
  cns 0d475ce219 updates 18 years ago
  cns 8686d05986 Finish off rebuild script to actually work now. Supports -T test mode. 18 years ago
  cns dde3d8f46d minor tweaks 18 years ago
  cns d98829d34e Change to new attribute names. 18 years ago
  cns 280e371f97 Use ldap.internal instead, more specific. 18 years ago
  cns 3ee68c006e Check that newusername is set for all modes other than renewals. 18 years ago
  cns df6edae771 Initial revision 18 years ago
  cns 0f7fe875d0 fix variable name 18 years ago
  cns b2f2e699d4 Add shadowLastChange attribute 18 years ago
  cns 9cfb102519 Changeover to RRS3: Python + LDAP. Initial checkin before c&s day 2003. 18 years ago
  cns 32db6c01f6 Initial revision 18 years ago
  cns a8fa4a3c6e Initial revision 18 years ago
  cns c85b9494a7 Initial revision 18 years ago
  cns 2f03a66b17 Initial revision 18 years ago
  Redbrick 4b578200e5 Initial commit 4 years ago
  Cian Butler cb081d03ea add public domain license based on authors instructions (#9) 5 years ago
  d-fens 252b39fbc8 py3 changes, missing statements, normalisation of paths. (#1) 5 years ago
  root 8e60ecdb37 Updated README 5 years ago
  Richie Walsh 25329db32a Adding sample LDIFs for DCU Student & Grad and RB entry. 5 years ago
  Richie Walsh 7b107904b3 Added initial README.md 5 years ago
  Richie Walsh 04ddb6bc53 Initial commit of Useradm to Public Repo 5 years ago