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guix system: Rename 'dmd-graph' to 'shepherd-graph'.

* doc/images/ Rename to...
* doc/images/ ... this.
* (DOT_FILES): Adjust accordingly.
* guix/scripts/system.scm (dmd-service-node-label)
  (dmd-service-node-type, export-dmd-graph): Rename to...
  (shepherd-service-node-label, shepherd-service-node-type)
  (export-shepherd-graph): ... this.
  (show-help, process-action, process-command): Rename 'dmd-graph' to
* emacs/guix-command.el (guix-command-additional-execute-arguments)
  (guix-command-special-executors): Likewise.
* doc/guix.texi: Likewise.
* doc/emacs.texi (Emacs Popup Interface): Likewise.
Alex Kost 5 years ago
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ DOT_FILES = \
doc/images/ \
doc/images/ \
doc/images/ \

$( \

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doc/emacs.texi View File

@@ -578,7 +578,7 @@ GNU Emacs Manual}).

@end itemize

Several commands (@command{guix graph}, @command{guix system dmd-graph}
Several commands (@command{guix graph}, @command{guix system shepherd-graph}
and @command{guix system extension-graph}) also have a ``View graph''
action, which allows you to view a generated graph using @command{dot}
command (specified by @code{guix-dot-program} variable). By default a

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doc/guix.texi View File

@@ -9348,8 +9348,8 @@ $ guix system extension-graph @var{file} | dot -Tpdf > services.pdf

produces a PDF file showing the extension relations among services.

@item dmd-graph
@item shepherd-graph
Emit in Dot/Graphviz format to standard output the @dfn{dependency
graph} of shepherd services of the operating system defined in
@var{file}. @xref{Shepherd Services}, for more information and for an
@@ -9795,11 +9795,11 @@ started, which in turn can only happen once all the file systems have
been mounted. The simple operating system defined earlier (@pxref{Using
the Configuration System}) results in a service graph like this:

@image{images/dmd-graph,,5in,Typical dmd service graph.}
@image{images/shepherd-graph,,5in,Typical shepherd service graph.}

You can actually generate such a graph for any operating system
definition using the @command{guix system dmd-graph} command
(@pxref{system-dmd-graph, @command{guix system dmd-graph}}).
definition using the @command{guix system shepherd-graph} command
(@pxref{system-shepherd-graph, @command{guix system shepherd-graph}}).

The @var{%shepherd-root-service} is a service object representing
PID@tie{}1, of type @var{shepherd-root-service-type}; it can be extended

doc/images/ → doc/images/ View File

@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
digraph "Guix dmd-service" {
digraph "Guix shepherd-service" {
"user-file-systems" [label = "user-file-systems", shape = box, fontname = Helvetica];
"user-processes" -> "user-file-systems" [color = red];
"user-processes" [label = "user-processes", shape = box, fontname = Helvetica];

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emacs/guix-command.el View File

@@ -620,7 +620,7 @@ command."
:name "view" :char ?v :doc "View map"))
(("system" "dmd-graph") ,graph-arg)
(("system" "shepherd-graph") ,graph-arg)
(("system" "extension-graph") ,graph-arg)))
"Alist of guix commands and additional 'execute' action arguments.")

@@ -646,7 +646,7 @@ command."
("view" . guix-run-view-graph))
("view" . guix-run-view-size-map))
(("system" "dmd-graph")
(("system" "shepherd-graph")
("view" . guix-run-view-graph))
(("system" "extension-graph")
("view" . guix-run-view-graph)))

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guix/scripts/system.scm View File

@@ -312,17 +312,17 @@ list of services."
(label service-node-label)
(edges (lift1 (service-back-edges services) %store-monad))))

(define (dmd-service-node-label service)
(define (shepherd-service-node-label service)
"Return a label for a node representing a <shepherd-service>."
(string-join (map symbol->string (shepherd-service-provision service))))

(define (dmd-service-node-type services)
(define (shepherd-service-node-type services)
"Return a node type for SERVICES, a list of <shepherd-service>."
(name "dmd-service")
(description "the dependency graph of dmd services")
(identifier (lift1 dmd-service-node-label %store-monad))
(label dmd-service-node-label)
(name "shepherd-service")
(description "the dependency graph of shepherd services")
(identifier (lift1 shepherd-service-node-label %store-monad))
(label shepherd-service-node-label)
(edges (lift1 (shepherd-service-back-edges services) %store-monad))))

@@ -474,7 +474,7 @@ building anything."
#:node-type (service-node-type services)
#:reverse-edges? #t)))

(define (export-dmd-graph os port)
(define (export-shepherd-graph os port)
"Export the graph of shepherd services of OS to PORT."
(let* ((services (operating-system-services os))
(pid1 (fold-services services
@@ -484,7 +484,7 @@ building anything."
(null? (shepherd-service-requirement service)))
(export-graph sinks (current-output-port)
#:node-type (dmd-service-node-type dmds)
#:node-type (shepherd-service-node-type shepherds)
#:reverse-edges? #t)))

@@ -517,7 +517,7 @@ Build the operating system declared in FILE according to ACTION.\n"))
(display (_ "\
extension-graph emit the service extension graph in Dot format\n"))
(display (_ "\
dmd-graph emit the graph of dmd services in Dot format\n"))
shepherd-graph emit the graph of shepherd services in Dot format\n"))

(display (_ "
@@ -637,8 +637,8 @@ resulting from command-line parsing."
(case action
(export-extension-graph os (current-output-port)))
(export-dmd-graph os (current-output-port)))
(export-shepherd-graph os (current-output-port)))
(perform-action action os
#:dry-run? dry?
@@ -678,7 +678,7 @@ argument list and OPTS is the option alist."
(let ((action (string->symbol arg)))
(case action
((build container vm vm-image disk-image reconfigure init
extension-graph dmd-graph list-generations)
extension-graph shepherd-graph list-generations)
(alist-cons 'action action result))
(else (leave (_ "~a: unknown action~%") action))))))