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butlerbot is an extensible IRC bot written in node.js. It is a fork of creabot

Plugins can be written for the bot for a variety of purposes, from utility scripts to games.


Currently the bot can do the following:

  • Play Cards Against Humanity
  • Play Countdown
  • Play UNO
  • Retrieve and display realtime information from the Dublin Bus website
  • Give information about the committee members of redbrick
  • Post links to popping related content
  • Manage BookClub and choose next Book
  • Gives links to redbrick wiki with helpful information

The bot is extensible through the use of plugins. This is achieved using the plug library.

More information on writing plugins for the bot can be found in the plugins directory


This bot was originally a fork of https://github.com/teeli/irc-cah but was modified enough to warrant not being a fork anymore.

It is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license] license.