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3 years ago
3 years ago
  1. The story of bing and dzzt originated at a party thrown by Lecter in his
  2. house, where many cocktails were consumed and much falling over done. As
  3. Wishkah, Toaster and Shadow lay quasi-conscious in a bed, from the
  4. inebriated brain of one of the three came the word \"Bing\", and its
  5. correct response, \"Dzzt\". Over time, a story evolved, explaining these
  6. mystical, compelling words. This story is as follows:
  7. There are bings. There is a dzzt. The bings go bing. The dzzt goes dzzt.
  8. There is a farmer. The farmer goes buddaboing. The farmer is herding the
  9. bings over the dzzt. There is a bong. The bong is positioned directly
  10. over the dzzt. If a bing goes bing at the same time as the dzzt goes
  11. dzzt, it flies up and hits the bong, which goes bong.
  12. And that\'s it. There were a few expansions made later on, most notably
  13. involving the farmer\'s dog and the words \"darf\" and \"yoing\", but
  14. they never gained the recognition afforded to the original.
  15. The key to understanding Bing & Dzzt is that it doesn\'t make sense, and
  16. therefore can not be understood. If you\'re looking for a meaning or
  17. grain of logic, you\'re doomed to failure, because none exist. If you
  18. can comprehend its uncomprehendibleness, perhaps you will one day
  19. comprehend it.
  20. \--Wishkah
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