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  1. The term \'Brickie\' is a very confusing and confused one. It means a
  2. lot more than simply a member of Redbrick but what exactly it means is
  3. not quite clear. Some members are Brickies, some are not. Being a
  4. Brickie is much more than joining, paying the two quid and logging in
  5. every now and again. But there are no hard and fast rules for who is and
  6. isn\'t a Brickie except for one. If Brickies tell you you\'re a Brickie
  7. then the chances are you are one. The Brickies of the Society are
  8. Redbrick\'s version of the [Union Hacks](/Union_Hacks "wikilink"). They
  9. are people whose lives to a significant extent revole about the society.
  10. Most Brickies have huge login hours on Shadow\'s web-page. They attend
  11. Redbrick functions on a regular basis, they use the system to the full
  12. either thru posting, [chatting](/chatting "wikilink"), mailing or
  13. [heying](/heying "wikilink") or all four together.
  14. The term Brickie has slowly trickled into general usage around the
  15. College and is used by outsiders (Non-society members) to refer to ALL
  16. Redbrick members, typically disparagingly. There is also a more
  17. dedicated version of the Brickie, the so-called \'Hardcore Brickie\',
  18. the Brickie whose life revolves around Redbrick to the exclusion of
  19. almost anything, or anyone, else. (You know who yese are) All
  20. [Committee](/Committee "wikilink") members are, whether they like it or
  21. not, part of that category.
  22. Brickies are the \'known\' people on Redbrick. Those who require a
  23. certain reputation either thru notoriety or always being logged on and
  24. posting. If you\'re still not sure whether you\'re a Brickie or not, ask
  25. one. You know who they are :)
  26. \--Cain
  27. Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")
  28. [Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")