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  1. D.A.F.T. Disuser And Forget Tool. noun.
  2. to be dafted. verb
  3. The most useful of [admin](/Admins "wikilink") tools originally
  4. developed by Wibble who once described it as 900 lines of Perl to save 5
  5. lines. This tool has been cared for and nurtured and with steady
  6. frequent exercise has grown into a suite of tools including RAFT (reuser
  7. and forget tool).
  8. When a user is dafted the [admingets](/Admins "wikilink") to create a
  9. message that they see any time they attempt to login.
  10. [Admins](/Admins "wikilink") have been known for the many humorous
  11. messages. Most notable in this category is Valen with his world
  12. reknowned \"You\'re disusered until you\'re beaten senseless with a
  13. stick or 14 days\".
  14. Most [admins](/Admins "wikilink") would gladly see the back of DAFT as
  15. no sooner do you DAFT someone for a week than a thread of FREE
  16. {username} will appear on the boards and drag on for many weeks. But the
  17. [committee](/committee "wikilink") need their stick to beat the users
  18. with so stay it will.
  19. \--Grimnar
  20. Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")
  21. [Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")