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пре 4 година
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  1. Dermot Lohan, politician extraordinaire, currently the president of USI
  2. and all round nice guy, is what you have to say to avoid having him sue
  3. you.
  4. Formerly chairman of [DBES](/DBES "wikilink"), Dermot Lohan\'s meteoric
  5. rise to power began when he was but a mere strip of a lad serving as a
  6. more ordinary member of the committee. He became chairman the following
  7. year and served for an indeterminate period of time, some believe it to
  8. be several decades, of course it might just have felt like that.
  9. He was also chairman of the [SPC](/SPC "wikilink") (Societies &
  10. Publications Commmittee), the organization within DCU responsible for
  11. handing out the society grants. In his time in the
  12. [SPC](/SPC "wikilink"), [DBES](/DBES "wikilink") flourished, through no
  13. action of Mr. Lohan\'s of course. Believed by many to have godlike
  14. abilities to turn two hundred members into several thousands, Lohan was
  15. responsible for [DBES](/DBES "wikilink")\' status as the largest society
  16. in DCU. Often heard (at Freshers\' Day) muttering about only having
  17. three hundred members, Lohan was known to disappear behind a screen with
  18. a sheet with only 300 names on it, and emerge with a sheaf of names and
  19. student numbers of students who, miraculously had never attended DCU
  20. before.
  21. In recent times, he has, as mentioned achieved that lofty status of USI
  22. president, surprising considering his term in DCU consisted of
  23. absolutely nothing noteworthy that will not get this writer sued for
  24. mentioning.
  25. He has, on three seperate occasions been linked with legal action
  26. directed at Mr. Mike McHugh and is widely percieved as an utter
  27. gangster.
  28. \--Silk
  29. ---
  30. \"Just an addendum to the Dermot Lohan entry to the encyclopaedia. Lohan
  31. resigned as president of USI last April.\"
  32. \--Autocrat
  33. Originally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")
  34. [Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")