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  1. [DokuWiki]( is a nice and
  2. simple [wiki](/Help:What_is_a_wiki "wikilink") that is relatively easy
  3. to install in your Redbrick account/webspace. To make things more
  4. interesting, you can [integrate the login (and template)
  5. with](
  6. your [Wordpress](/Installing_Wordpress_on_Redbrick "wikilink") blog
  7. software (if you use it on Redbrick).
  8. [You just need to follow the normal instructions to install
  9. it.]( You can then configure
  10. it, as per the [DokuWiki
  11. instructions]( anyway you like.
  12. Unlike Wordpress, DokuWiki has built in support for running behind a
  13. proxy. To enable the proxy, you need to configure it in
  14. \'conf/local.php\' with these lines:
  15. `$conf['proxy']['host'] = "";`\
  16. `$conf['proxy']['port'] = "8080";`
  17. [Category:HowTo](/Category:HowTo "wikilink")