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4 years ago
3 years ago
  1. is the most useful irssi script you will ever come across. EVER.
  2. [image:Gay.jpeg](/image:Gay.jpeg "wikilink")
  3. ### How Do I Get
  4. First of all you should go to []( (which is
  5. clearly a link to Poland\'s Gay website).
  6. After you\'ve spent many hours there, you should also take a look at
  7. [<>]( and place
  8. the latest version of into your very own .irssi/scripts folder.
  9. Now all you have to do is /run and you\'re totally GAY! \\o/
  10. To view all of\'s options, just type /gay -help, and you\'ll see
  11. the wide variety of flags the script has to offer.
  12. [Category:Humour](/Category:Humour "wikilink")