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  1. With a strong community of posters to be found on Redbrick, it is
  2. inevitable that a number of in-jokes exist. While this page is within
  3. the Humour category, this is very debatable. Feel free to update and add
  4. to this list.
  5. When adding a new in-joke, please keep the same format.
  6. # \"Is this another one of those recursive wiki entries?\"
  7. Recursive threads are one of the greatest tools of the users of the
  8. Redbrick newsgroups - To destroy a thread, merely ask is the thread
  9. recursive. Most Redbrick in-jokes have
  10. [recursion](/recursion "wikilink") at the core - recursion is the new
  11. lowest form of wit.
  12. ### Origin
  13. Digital media is prone to easy duplication, and the Redbrick newsgroups
  14. are no different. Recursive (i.e. repeatitive) newsgroup threads have
  15. existed for as long as I can remember, however however originally wrote
  16. \"Is this another one of those recursive threads?\" should probably be
  17. locked up for crimes against humanity.
  18. ### Added to list
  19. 14 Jun 2005
  20. # Finland has an Army?
  21. Well someone asks a question on the boards and then someone will respond
  22. with \"Finland has an army?\". It sometimes changed to fit in the
  23. context of the thread, for example on a thread discussing this wiki,
  24. [Doc](/User:Doc "wikilink") suggested the topic [Finland Has An
  25. Army](/Finland_Has_An_Army "wikilink").
  26. Sometimes, someone will then ask, what is this \"Finland has an Army?\"
  27. shenanigans. This will prompt someone else to write a long description
  28. of the origin of the joke will then prompt someone else to reply with
  29. \"Finland has an Army?\"
  30. This joke has taken on a life of its own. Some of members of Redbrick
  31. work in Google and they slipped in an ad to Google\'s ads: [Redbrick has
  32. an Army?]( In February 2009, 21 members and
  33. associates of Redbrick travelled to Finland. It was noted by a few of
  34. the group that there were, in fact, a high number of soldiers in gear
  35. compared to Ireland. At the airport in Tampere, Redbrick members were
  36. treated to two F18 fighter jets taking off. Finland surely does have an
  37. army.
  38. From: Disposable Teen <bosco@RedBrick.DCU.IE>
  39. Newsgroups: redbrick.babble
  40. Subject: Re: Internet addiction
  41. Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 12:25:51 +0000 (UTC)
  42. On Wed, 4 Aug 2004 Captain Olimar <myk@RedBrick.DCU.IE> wrote:
  43. > From
  44. >
  45. > Helsinki: A number of Finnish conscripts have been excused their full
  46. > term of military service because they are addicted to the Internet, the
  47. > Finnish Defence Forces announced yesterday.
  48. >
  49. > Doctors found that the young men miss their computers too much to cope
  50. > with their compulsory six months in the forces.
  51. >
  52. > "For people who play (Internet) games all night and don't have any
  53. > friends, don't have any hobbies, to come into the army is a very big
  54. > shock," said Commander-Captain Jyrki Kivela at the military conscription
  55. > unit.
  56. >
  57. > "They get sent home for three years and after that they have to come
  58. > back and we ask if they are okay ... they will have had time to grow
  59. > up."
  60. >
  61. > "We are very proud of our Finnish men. Eighty-two per cent of all
  62. > Finnish men manage their whole military service," Commander Kivela
  63. > added.
  64. >
  65. >
  66. Finland has an army?
  67. ### Origin
  68. Somebody posted a news story about people escaping Finland\'s
  69. conscription by being addicted to the internet. This made them
  70. unsuitable for military service.
  71. Somebody followed up to this with \"Finland has an army?\". I don\'t
  72. think this was repeated too much, but the response, \"They held back the
  73. Russians in World War 2\" - and one million and five variants - was soon
  74. posted, by one million and size people eager to demonstrate their sexy
  75. historical knowledge. They were so eager, they didn\'t check to see if
  76. anybody else had posted something similar. After a while, people started
  77. posting it ironically, to demonstrate that people should check threads
  78. before posting.
  79. Since then, \"Finland has an army?\" and \"held back the russians in
  80. world war 2\" in a response have come to mean \"This has already been
  81. said\". Constant reposting of the same answer in various slightly
  82. different (or implausibly identical) forms is a variant of this injoke -
  83. the Nebuchadnezzar joke below is an example. Likewise, expect the
  84. current topic to be incorporated: \"Google has a Finland?\" - \"Held
  85. back the Matrix in world war 2\".
  86. ### Added to list
  87. 16 May 2005
  88. # The Nebuchadnezzar
  89. Often used in response to obvious questions or lingustic related
  90. questions. Someone replies with a post saying \"The name of the ship was
  91. the Nebuchadnezzar. It was the ship in the Matrix\".
  92. ### Origin
  93. [Spock]( started this one off. He
  94. asked a seemingly simple question. He wanted to know if anyone knew a
  95. word he had heard which he attempted to spell it phonetically. This
  96. provoked a huge amount of responses as people replied saying it was the
  97. Nebuchadnezzar. And so an in-joke was born.
  98. ### Added to list
  99. 16 May 2005
  100. # FREE SHERRO!!!
  101. Often said ironically by older members to indicate that they are being
  102. intentionally loud and/or obnoxious.
  103. ### Origin
  104. Sometime in 1997, a user named sherro was DisUsered for being an ass (as
  105. a lot of users were wont to be). This then caused a torrent of calls
  106. from his friends to re-enable his account. These took the form of the
  107. words \'FREE SHERRO!!!\' in almost every form NewsGroups, emails to
  108. committee, spamming in ItchyNuts and such). It\'s been verified that the
  109. call was also scrawled as graffitti in some of DCUs toilets.
  110. Since then, FREE SHERRO!!! has been used as a statement to indicate that
  111. the sayer is being ironically loud and obnoxious. Nobody younger then
  112. about 4th gen ever really gets this.
  113. ### Added to list
  114. 23 June 2005
  115. # tbh
  116. Stands for \"to be honest\". Gives a cheesy superiority to the person
  117. who says it. Usually said when trying to be authoritative about
  118. something, or when telling off someone for being stupid. e.g. \"You suck
  119. tbh\", \"Gaming is deadly tbh\".
  120. ### Origin
  121. Mid-late 2004, originated with zyox who overused it.
  122. ### Added to list
  123. 23 June 2005
  124. # Cammy\'s Law
  125. As any Redbrick discussion about religion or religion and science grows
  126. longer, the probability of a comparison to relativism approaches one.
  127. ### Origin
  128. See [the article](/Cammy's_Law "wikilink") for more.
  129. ### Added to list
  130. 28 March 2005
  131. # Batman Movies
  132. A movie title, quote, plot summary or tag-line has the main character
  133. (or a some other element) replaced with Batman. Subsequent posters
  134. followup with more examples of \"Batman Movies\".
  135. `> > Batman sees dead people.`\
  136. `>`\
  137. `> "Batman freaked out, joined the army... now he's a professional killer."`\
  138. \
  139. `There's something about Batman.`
  140. ### Origin
  141. It originated on the redbrick.movies board and went on for quite a bit.
  142. It resurfaced again in May 2006 on a discussion about what the longest
  143. thread on the boards and so it is now an official a Redbrick in-joke.
  144. ### Added to list
  145. 10 May 2006
  147. ### Origin
  148. When [robby](/User:robby "wikilink") was elected chair of RedBrick at
  149. the 2008 AGM, certain elected rootholders at the time began drunkenly
  150. hassling him in [Fibbers](/Fibbers "wikilink"). Legend has it that the
  151. cry \"RESIIIIIGN\" was said to have been uttered by
  152. [lil_cain](/User:lil_cain "wikilink"). It is now shouted at committee
  153. members when they do something wrong, or in an attempt to demotivate
  154. them.
  155. ### Added to list
  156. 27 September 2009
  157. # Grand
  158. ### Origin
  159. Particularly associated with [lithium](/User:lithium "wikilink") and
  160. [hauk](/User:hauk "wikilink"), \"grand\" is a complex adjective that can
  161. be used to express any level of casual assent from \"good\" or \"ok\" to
  162. \"sure, why not?\".
  163. Frequently seen in \#lobby, grand is most often used in conjunction with
  164. grand activities such as growing chilies or homebrewing, but can be
  165. adapted to banally express approval of almost anything. Statistics
  166. indicate that by the year 2013, the ever-increasing usage of \"grand\"
  167. will eliminate the need for all other mildly positive adjectives.
  168. See also: [Grand](/Grand "wikilink")
  169. ### Added to list
  170. 14 April 2011
  171. # Failchair
  172. ### Origin
  173. Failchair is a light-hearted mock term for a DCU society committee\'s
  174. chairperson.
  175. From the Games Soc wiki - \"The term \"failchair\" came about in 2008 or
  176. so as part of a Redbrick/Games Soc in-joke, whereby the word \"fail\" is
  177. attached to the front of all or part of a committee title. The term is
  178. used almost exclusively in jest, and rarely implies actual failure on
  179. the part of the committee member in question.\"
  180. ### Added to list
  181. 14 April 2011
  182. # go but
  183. ### Origin
  184. thou shalt always go but
  185. ### Added to list
  186. 31 August 2016
  187. [Category:Humour](/Category:Humour "wikilink") [Category:Redbrick
  188. History](/Category:Redbrick_History "wikilink")
  189. [Category:Community](/Category:Community "wikilink")