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  1. [Gallery]( is an excellent piece of PHP
  2. software for your website for organising and displaying photos.
  3. Unfortunately it\'s not possible to install Gallery on redbrick and have
  4. it work straight away. So instead, use the
  5. [RBGallery]( which removes all the hassle
  6. of setting up the software, upgrades, and best of all, doesn\'t use your
  7. quota up.
  8. Download gallery and install it as instructed.
  9. ## Gallery 3
  10. The installation of gallery 3 is virtually the same as Gallery 2.
  11. Extract gallery3 into your public_html directory using the unzip
  12. command. Then go to <>
  13. You will be asked to enter your MySQL account details. If you do not
  14. have one of these ask the admin\'s to set one up for you. Provided all
  15. goes well you will be given a temporary admin password. You should
  16. change this once you login.
  17. Please note: Although Gallery3 supports uploading video files.
  18. [Murphy](/Murphy "wikilink") doesn\'t have ffmpeg installed and because
  19. of this Gallery3 will not allow videos to be uploaded.
  20. ## Gallery 2
  21. Mostly this involves untarring it into some directory. Now, you\'ll need
  22. to ask the admins to set up a MySQL account for you.
  23. Then go to <> (or
  24. where-ever you installed it) and follow the nifty online installation
  25. program. At some stage it will ask you for the MySQL values that the
  26. nice admins should have mailed you when they set up your database.
  27. You\'ll need a database name, a user name and a password. Everything
  28. else: accept the defaults ( e.g. table prefixes ). Ignore the bit about
  29. making a directory chmod 777; on redbrick PHP scripts run as you, so you
  30. have permission to write to your own directory.
  31. See the bit at the bottom of this page for adding a php.ini to allow
  32. uploading big files.
  33. ## Gallery 1
  34. You must then pass all the files through \'dos2unix\' even if you
  35. downloaded the \'.tar.gz\' archive. You could probably write a simple
  36. script to this. This is the key to getting the scripts to work.
  37. Oh, BTW, ImageMagick and most of NetPBM is already installed on Redbrick
  38. so you won\'t need those binaries in your account locally.
  39. # Gallery Remote
  40. If you want to get GalleryRemote working so you can upload pictures
  41. without using ftp or the webform, simply create a file called php.ini in
  42. the directory where you installed gallery (normally something like
  43. =/webtree/-username-/gallery=). The contents of php.ini should be:
  44. `[PHP]`\
  45. \
  46. `output_handler =`\
  47. \
  48. `; Whether to allow HTTP file uploads.`\
  49. `file_uploads = On`\
  50. \
  51. `; Temporary directory for HTTP uploaded files (will use system default if not`\
  52. `; specified).`\
  53. `upload_tmp_dir = /home/associat/-letter-/-username-/tmp`\
  54. \
  55. `; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.`\
  56. `upload_max_filesize = 2M`
  57. Of course you should change the \'upload_tmp_dir\' to the correct
  58. path. Thanks to [Noel](/User:Noel "wikilink") for this.
  59. [Category:HowTo](/Category:HowTo "wikilink")