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  1. ### The end of the banner
  2. At the [2006 freshers
  3. event](, the canvas
  4. RedBrick banner was tied to railings outside the venue. It started
  5. raining, and we didn\'t think to take in the banner! It got sticky, the
  6. letters peeled off, the ink ran, and pretty soon we had a mess. To make
  7. matters worse, we folded it, leaving ink where ink shouldn\'t be.
  8. ### What the banner looks like now
  9. [Image:ruinedredbrickbanner.jpg](/Image:ruinedredbrickbanner.jpg "wikilink")
  10. ### Design us a new banner!
  11. The RedBrick banner is important, we use it at many events every year.
  12. We need a new one, and we also need designs for a new one!
  13. The competition has now closed. Details of the final design will be
  14. posted soon.
  15. ### How to submit a banner design
  16. * Upload your image to the wiki with the
  17. [Special:Upload](/Special:Upload "wikilink") page.
  18. * Edit this page (use the \"edit\" link at the top!) and add your
  19. image to the bottom
  20. ### Uploaded images
  21. * one now.
  22. [Image:Redbrick_web2.0style.jpg](/Image:Redbrick_web2.0style.jpg "wikilink")
  23. Redbrick 2.0 by whazziz
  24. [Image:Banner_001.jpg](/Image:Banner_001.jpg "wikilink") Banner Design
  25. 001 by Winters (gbish)
  26. [Image:redbrick_banner2.jpg](/Image:redbrick_banner2.jpg "wikilink")
  27. Redbrick Banner by phase
  28. [Image:rb3(2).jpg](</Image:rb3(2).jpg> "wikilink") Redbrick Banner by
  29. Angelkat & DanoDarko
  30. [Image:Rbbanner.GIF](/Image:Rbbanner.GIF "wikilink") Redbrick Banner by
  31. fatwa
  32. [Image:Banner_exz_1.png](/Image:Banner_exz_1.png "wikilink") Redbrick
  33. Banner by exzantia