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  1. RB Gallery is your free online picture gallery. Running Gallery2, you as
  2. a member of Redbrick are given unlimited storage space for all your
  3. photo\'s under a url of <>
  4. **TOC**
  5. ## RB Gallery Basics
  6. To begin, simply login to the system (using Pubcookie of course) to have
  7. your own gallery auto created. From there you can begin to upload your
  8. pictures and start your album.
  9. ## Custom Themes
  10. To get your own custom theme for your gallery, simply create your own
  11. theme, then mail the webmaster and ask nicely for it to be added. Any
  12. custom theme you create **MUST** contain your username to stop any
  13. naming conflicts with other user themes. It\'s worth noting that almost
  14. everything in the interface is customisable so there is no reason why
  15. your rbgallery can\'t be embedded directly into your website. Let us
  16. know on the discussion page if you do. DCU Sub Aqua have the best
  17. example so far which can be seen
  18. [here.](
  19. ## Random Image
  20. The random image that appears on the side of your gallery will normally
  21. display a random image from somewhere within the entire rbgallery. If
  22. you don\'t want some of your pictures to appear on that image block then
  23. go into _Edit Album_, then _Album_, then put a tick in _Prevent this
  24. album from being displayed in the Image Block_. If however your looking
  25. to only display random images from your own album within the image
  26. block, you will need to create a custom theme and use the settings below
  27. to customize the stream. The same will work from your own website too.
  28. Use a PHP block like the one shown below to include an image block in a
  29. PHP page outside of Gallery.
  30. \<?php
  31. @readfile(\'<>\');
  32. ?\>
  33. <table class="gbDataTable">
  34. <tr>
  35. <td>
  36. g2_blocks
  37. </td>
  38. <td>
  39. Pipe(\|) separate list chosen from: randomImage, recentImage,
  40. viewedImage, randomAlbum, recentAlbum, viewedAlbum, dailyImage,
  41. weeklyImage, monthlyImage, dailyAlbum, weeklyAlbum, monthlyAlbum,
  42. specificItem; default is randomImage
  43. </td>
  44. </tr>
  45. <tr>
  46. <td>
  47. g2_show \*
  48. </td>
  49. <td>
  50. Pipe(\|) separated list chosen from: title, date, views, owner, heading,
  51. fullSize; the value can also be: none
  52. </td>
  53. </tr>
  54. <tr>
  55. <td>
  56. g2_itemId
  57. </td>
  58. <td>
  59. Limit the item selection to the subtree of the gallery under the album
  60. with the given id; or the id of the item to display when used with
  61. specificItem block type
  62. </td>
  63. </tr>
  64. <tr>
  65. <td>
  66. g2_maxSize
  67. </td>
  68. <td>
  69. Scale images to this maximum size. If maxSize exceeds the thumbnail
  70. dimensions, you must also specify g2_show=fullSize
  71. </td>
  72. </tr>
  73. <tr>
  74. <td>
  75. g2_linkTarget
  76. </td>
  77. <td>
  78. Add a link target (for example, to open links in a new browser window)
  79. </td>
  80. </tr>
  81. <tr>
  82. <td>
  83. g2_itemFrame \*
  84. </td>
  85. <td>
  86. Image frame to use around images
  87. </td>
  88. </tr>
  89. <tr>
  90. <td>
  91. g2_albumFrame \*
  92. </td>
  93. <td>
  94. Image frame to use around albums
  95. </td>
  96. </tr>
  97. </table>
  98. If a parameter marked with \* is omitted then the site default defined
  99. above is used.
  100. Image frames require CSS to be displayed correctly. Include the
  101. following in the
  102. <head>
  103. section to support image frames.
  104. <link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
  105. Specify the frame id (or pipe separated list of ids) in the frames
  106. parameter. Omit the parameter to support the image frames configured
  107. above. Frame ids are the directory names in the
  108. modules/imageframe/frames directory.
  109. ## Additional Modules
  110. If there are any that you would like added then just mail the webmaster
  111. and ask for them to be installed and enabled. Usually they will be added
  112. unless there is good reason not to. Most of the defaults are already
  113. enabled and setup with the exceptions listed below. The following upload
  114. methods are currently disabled:
  115. * _From Local Server_ (Pending a total rewrite of the module for
  116. security)
  117. * _From Web Page_ (Will work for anything that doesn\'t require the
  118. proxy. Proxy support pending)
  119. ## Errors
  120. * Why do I get an error about user 5 not having permissions when using
  121. the Gallery Remote?
  122. This is caused by cookies not being set correctly. Best thing to do is
  123. clear your cookies and restart your browser. If it still doesn\'t work
  124. after you login back in, repeat the previous steps and also clear the
  125. cookies from Java itself.
  126. * Windows XP upload system doesn\'t work
  127. As the message on it says, you need to login via Internet Explorer
  128. before this system will work.
  129. * Why does my gallery never make it to the front page?
  130. The system for rearranging the gallery frontpage bases who gets up the
  131. front on a number of different items such as view count, item count in
  132. the gallery, recent activity (i.e. if you uploaded photo\'s today), and
  133. lastly if you have an image assigned to your gallery or not. If you do
  134. not have an image assigned to your gallery then do not expect to ever
  135. reach the front of the gallery. The script isn\'t run on any regular
  136. basis currently as it\'s not completely accurate so be patient.
  137. [Category:HowTo](/Category:HowTo "wikilink")