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  1. RedBrick Radio does not exist anymore, although it may in future.
  2. ## Step 1: Create your show.
  3. Well, this is pretty simple to understand, process wise: grab the songs
  4. you want to broadcast, stick them all together, and save the result. The
  5. devil is in the details, though. You need a program to allow you to
  6. stick the files together, and you need to be able to edit the file you
  7. create to ensure smooth track transitions (see \"Dead Air\" ;)
  8. Like a mixtape, you shouldn\'t just plop song after song - there should
  9. be some kind of link between songs. You pick the link: they sound
  10. similar, they\'re about the same subject, whatever, but they should
  11. flow. You wouldn\'t stick Atari Teenage Riot after Iron & Wine, for
  12. example, but if you stick a Cornelius track inbetween them, you could
  13. get it to work. Possibly. But that\'s all part of personal preference.
  14. Once you\'ve decided on a running order, you need to create the show. To
  15. do this, I used a program called Goldwave (, but you
  16. can use whatever you like. Basically, it needs to have the ability to
  17. crossfade and mix tracks together. I won\'t include instructions on how
  18. to do that here, because I\'m not the best person to ask. At the end of
  19. the process, though, you should have one file. It\'s probably going to
  20. be a WAV file at this point, as most editors decompress to that format
  21. for editing. (Yes, this may reduce the quality of the tracks if you\'re
  22. using shitty 128kps mp3s, but we\'re all using originals here and can
  23. take it direct from the CD, right? Right.)
  24. ## Step 2: Create your mp3
  25. Take the WAV file that is your show from Step 1, and transform it into
  26. an mp3. I recommend using Lame for this, and I also recommend using the
  27. \"\--alt-preset standard\" switch. This will create a VBR mp3 that\'s
  28. very high quality. If you are using original sources, this is the best
  29. way to ensure a good sounding mp3.
  30. ### Step 2a: Create your album art
  31. At the moment, there\'s no RBRadio art. Possibly some enterprising soul
  32. will do one up (500x500 dimensions, .jpg format), but until then (and
  33. even after) you can make your own in your favourite editor. I used
  34. Photoshop to merge an Electric Picnic poster with the RB Brick logo,
  35. fyi.
  36. ## Step 3: Tag your mp3
  37. So, having got your mp3 and any album art, make sure and update the ID3
  38. tag info. You can use whatever program you like to do this, but I
  39. recommend Tag & Rename ( This program
  40. allows you to embed the album art in the ID3 tag. This will increase the
  41. size of the mp3, but given that we\'re talking about an increase of
  42. \~100Kb in a file that\'s likely to be 40Mb, that\'s not much of an
  43. issue.
  44. For RBRadio, the recommended tags are:
  45. Title: whatever you want
  46. Artist: RedBrick
  47. Album: whatever you want: your username, a show title, both, a
  48. partridge\...
  49. Year: current year
  50. Genre: whatever\'s appropriate.
  51. Comment: In this section, include the playlist for the show. I like to
  52. use \"Artist - Song Title (Album)\", but it\'s up to you.
  53. If you\'re using Tag & Rename, you\'ll see an \"Art\" panel on the right
  54. of the tag editor. Click on Add, and link your image.
  55. ## Step 4: Submit your show
  56. Upload your mp3 to /var/tmp. Then, log in and run the following script:
  57. \~rbradio/bin/submit_show <your mp3 file>
  58. This will place your show in the submissions area for RBRadio, and the
  59. crew will take it from there. The submission process asks some
  60. questions, but answers are optional.
  61. ## Step 5: Listen to your file.
  62. Oh now come on, you don\'t expect me to do this, do you? I don\'t know
  63. how to use any players other than Winamp. But basically, wait for your
  64. show to be announced on the newsgroup, then head on over
  65. to the RBRadio site to access it.
  66. To access the RBRadio site, just head on over to the [RBRadio
  67. homepage]( Then, add the [the RSS
  68. feed]( to
  69. whatever feed aggregator you want to use. When you visit the feed,
  70. you\'ll be asked to enter your RedBrick username and password. A list of
  71. synopses will appear. When you click on the synopsis of the show you
  72. want, it should be automatically downloaded or played, depending on your
  73. preferences.
  74. On the site, there are instructions for using iTunes with the site. It
  75. involves adding the RedBrick SSL certificate to your list of trusted
  76. providers.
  77. If that doesn\'t work, or you don\'t have a reader, you can always view
  78. the raw XML, work out the link and download the file yourself.
  79. [Category:HowTo](/Category:HowTo "wikilink")
  80. [Category:Music](/Category:Music "wikilink")