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  1. [Image:ubuntu11.png](/Image:ubuntu11.png "wikilink")
  2. From the file menu select connect to server.
  3. [Image:ubuntu12b.png](/Image:ubuntu12b.png "wikilink")
  4. * Enter the service type as SSH
  5. * Enter the folder as /home/member/u/username (where username is your
  6. username, and u is the first letter of your username)
  7. * Enter the User Name as your redbrick username
  8. * Tick the add bookmark box, and give the bookmark a name.
  9. * Click Connect
  10. [Image:ubuntu13.png](/Image:ubuntu13.png "wikilink")
  11. Enter your password, select \"remember until you log out\", and click
  12. connect
  13. [Image:ubuntu14.png](/Image:ubuntu14.png "wikilink")
  14. Your redbrick account is now on the list of places. You can save files
  15. on this server, and access them later. To access your RedBrick storage
  16. from windows see [Accessing RedBrick with
  17. WinSCP](/Transferring_Files "wikilink")
  18. Although RedBrick takes a backup of your files every night, we strongly
  19. recommend you keep copies of important files elsewhere aswell.
  20. [Category:RedBrick Ubuntu](/Category:RedBrick_Ubuntu "wikilink")