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  1. Sleepsoc was a plan hatched by phaxx, lil_cain, and Art_wolf one night
  2. after spending far too long in the hub. Someone, (none of use can
  3. remember who) jokingly suggested bringing a bed into the Clubs and
  4. Societies Office on the basis that given the amount of time some of us
  5. spent there, it would be bloody useful. phaxx didn\'t quite take this as
  6. as much of a joke as he was expected to, and before long, we were
  7. goggling frantically to find a cheap, easily dis-assembled bed. We did
  8. eventually find this, and Charlie worked long and hard to sew a duvet
  9. cover, and add the sleep-soc logo.
  10. This done and a suitable bed located, we moved it in during the night
  11. one evening. The next morning there was much puzzlement as to where it
  12. appeared from. In the end, the joke got old, and I believe we fessed up
  13. and moved the bed. Phaxx is currently trying to sell it to the best of
  14. my knowledge, so if anyone\'s looking for a bed\...
  15. -lil_cain
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