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  1. The source of extreme power within the college. They know where you are,
  2. What you are doing, And they wrote it all down and mailed it to your
  3. mother. Watch out.
  4. \--Sares
  5. ---
  6. No-one really knows what THE CONSORTIUM is, many have only speculated.
  7. Some speculation suggests that maybe it was an association of 3
  8. prominent RedBrick movements; [funLiam](/funLiam "wikilink"),
  9. [LIBTUT](/LIBTUT "wikilink"), and the [Most Holy Order of the giant Blue
  10. Space Cow](/Most_Holy_Order_of_the_giant_Blue_Space_Cow "wikilink"), and
  11. that maybe it was formed when the heads of these met at a clubs and socs
  12. awards ceremony, and maybe they yield a source of unrelenting power, and
  13. maybe it\'s power lies in silence, or maybe it was all just a figment of
  14. someone\'s dillusional imagination and maybe it doesn\'t actually exist.
  15. But then again, all that is is speculation, and no-one really knows for
  16. sure.
  17. \--Kpodesta
  18. Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")
  19. [Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")