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3 years ago
3 years ago
  1. Short lived newsgroup set up by the [Committee](/Committee "wikilink")
  2. because the level of shite on Babble had reached dangerous proportions.
  3. It al started when a slagging match between Cosmic, Celtic, Munchkin,
  4. [Spike](/Spike "wikilink"), and a certain future Chairperson was taken
  5. to the boards. The five were posting at a rate of four or five a minute
  6. at one stage in hilarious attempts to piss each other off and generally
  7. hassle one another.
  8. Other users complained and a separate newsgroup was set up by DrJolt. A
  9. newsgroup for the most pathetic, useless, trivial nonsense that Redbrick
  10. had ever been soiled with called Drivel. Not surprisingly Drivel rapidly
  11. took off and for a brief time eclipsed Babble as the most popular board.
  12. About a day later the slagging fest between the five responsible for the
  13. creation of Drivel died out with all acknowledging the future
  14. Chairperson\'s awe-inspiring wit and quickfire posting ability. The
  15. [Admins](/Admins "wikilink"), now that the madness had past, sensibly
  16. took down the Drivel boards. Everyone complained but the
  17. [Committee](/Committee "wikilink") sensibly ignored such complaints and
  18. life went on.
  19. The Drivel Board is probably the only example of a handful of users
  20. annoying people to such an extent that a separate board had to be set up
  21. for them. To some of those involved it is a source of pride, to others,
  22. so shameful that they would prefer the whole episode forgotten.
  23. \*cough\*
  24. \--Cain
  25. Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")
  26. [Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")