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  1. The Monolith is the large black box used to store the Redbrick servers.
  2. It is named after the 2001\'s Monolith. The Monolith used to be in the
  3. Journo Labs, but has moved to C214. Security is represented by physical
  4. locks. Of course, as Plop has pointed out, the machines can be destroyed
  5. easily \"by pissing in the back\" of the monolith. However, as all true
  6. [Brickies](/Brickies "wikilink") know, the doors are of course
  7. completely, utterly unbreakable and secure, and cannot be easily
  8. removed. Honestly. (Although if one had lift keys, moving the Monolith
  9. into a van parked beside the side-entrance to the HG building might be
  10. easy.)
  11. The other \"feature\" of the Monolith, compared to a server-room, is
  12. that it keeps the computers nice and snug and warm. No RB server has
  13. _ever_ frozen, or at least, not due to low temperature, anyway.
  14. \--Sares
  15. ---
  16. As of some vague time in Autumn 2000, the Monolith resides in the
  17. student centre. Upstairs in the student centre. And it\'s heavy. It is
  18. also now accompanied by it\'s sister rack, [the
  19. Docolith](/the_Docolith "wikilink").
  20. ---
  21. It\'s currently lying idle in the equipment room, since someone nice
  22. gave us some pretty dell racks.
  23. \--lil_cain
  24. ---
  25. Originally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")
  26. [Category:Hardware](/Category:Hardware "wikilink")
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