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  1. ## January
  2. ## February
  3. 14th - Valentines\' Event in The Fleet (Shift a Trinner?)\
  4. Miscellaneous [photos]( from a
  5. house party.
  6. ## March
  7. 13th - Event in Good Time Charlies nightclub in Howth. Reports from this
  8. event suggest that some Redbrick guys got off with each other, and that
  9. staff at the venue were exasperated by the end of the night.
  10. ## April
  11. AGM.
  12. <li>
  13. Chairperson: Thalia
  14. </li>
  15. <li>
  16. Secretary: Spock
  17. </li>
  18. <li>
  19. Treasurer: Hms
  20. </li>
  21. <li>
  22. PRO and ents are split into two positions on the committee (not for long
  23. though)
  24. </li>
  25. <li>
  26. Ents: Kod
  27. </li>
  28. <li>
  29. PRO: superfly
  30. </li>
  31. <li>
  32. A new position called helpdesk is setup to help members learn to use the
  33. system
  34. </li>
  35. <li>
  36. Helpdesk: Barkerj, Wishkah, and Fatwa
  37. </li>
  38. <li>
  39. Systems Administrators: Wibble, Drjolt, and Plop
  40. </li>
  41. <li>
  42. Webmaster: Andy
  43. </li>
  44. </ul>
  45. Standing order voted in at committee meeting:
  46. NEW MOTION:- any committee member who posts what they believe to be
  47. committee and society policy on the BBS, takes the risk of being wrong,
  48. and they should consult with other committee members first. If they
  49. don\'t consult with others, and they are in fact wrong in what they say,
  50. they will lose BBS posting privileges for two weeks. The same applies to
  51. any committee member who publicly (on the BBS or otherwise), puts down
  52. another committee member in relation to society work they do, or claims
  53. that they are doing said work wrong. Such matters should be brought to
  54. the attention of the committee, and not to the BBS.
  55. The punishment, as said above, is suspension of BBS posting privileges
  56. for two weeks (That is, after the committee have agreed that what was
  57. said, or done, was wrong.)
  58. ## May
  59. ## June
  60. ## July
  61. ## August
  62. [Etiquette
  63. file](
  64. sent to all users to give guidelines on behaviour on the system.
  65. ## September
  66. The Third generation of brickies arrives in DCU.
  67. The BBS has been replaced by flin, a terminal menu system, NNTP
  68. newsgroups, ytalk, a wrapper around the write command called \"hey\" and
  69. a chat program. The first news reader after the BBS was tin, apparently
  70. slrn was more similar to the BBS news reader than tin. Members complain
  71. that new system doesn\'t have as many options as the old one. Members
  72. complain that new redbrick house is more complicated than old one.
  73. Because tin didn\'t look like the BBS, plop wrote a newsreader which
  74. looked quite a bit like BBS, called \'shite\' (apparently stands for
  75. \'shit emulator\') this was the default for FLIN users for a while,
  76. until it was eventually renamed to \'rbnews\' (as it looked not very
  77. good loking at the w listing having 30 users using \'shite\'). shite
  78. eventually disappeared on the move to mother.
  79. The chat software was the result of development work done by Pooka and
  80. Plop. Pooka spent some of the summer beating sense into a chat server
  81. called NUTS (Neil\'s Unix Talk Server), and he added lots of features
  82. and generally cleaned up the code. Plop wrote a curses based client for
  83. NUTS, called ITCHY, hence Redbrick\'s main chat software was bizarrely
  84. entitled Itchy Nuts - \"Imaginatively titled client heralding yapping on
  85. Neil\'s UNIX talk server\".
  86. ## October
  87. EGM
  88. * Thalia resigns as chair of redbrick.
  89. * Floppy is elected as new chair at an EGM.
  90. * The old constitution was suspended for the duration of the EGM.
  91. * This EGM also brings in a new constitution without quorum.
  92. * PRO position was merged with Ents.
  93. Fancy dress halloween event in the Jolly Beggarman pub in Artane.
  94. \"Susan\" won the best prize. Party afterwards in Wishkahs. Some locals
  95. gatecrash, causing an altercation.
  96. Police in riot gear turned up when the brickies were all loitering
  97. outside The Jolly Beggarman deciding where to go. They were probably
  98. just driving by anyway, and they noticed Thayl and Kod on top of some
  99. telephone boxes\... The party in Wishkah\'s after the Jolly Beggarman
  100. was quite good. It was also quite entertaining to see the look on the
  101. faces of the scummers who were told to leave, after they had given away
  102. all their beer. As well as the look on Pooka\'s face after one of them
  103. punched him in the face.
  104. ## November
  105. 26th - Intersocs event called \"The Fireball\" in Break For The Border.
  106. [Pictures]( from the event are
  107. here.
  108. Redbrick gets the machine \"mother\". Valen named it Mother after the
  109. computer in \"Aliens.\" was registered.
  110. ## December
  111. [Category: Redbrick History](/Category:_Redbrick_History "wikilink")
  112. [Category:Timeline](/Category:Timeline "wikilink")