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  1. [Category:Redbrick History](/Category:Redbrick_History "wikilink")
  2. ## January
  3. 1st - Euro currency comes into circulation in Ireland.
  4. Third and final issue of SU\'s magazine SUAS published. Design Editor
  5. for final issue was griffin.
  6. ## February
  7. 9th - Irish currency no longer legal tender.
  8. 18th - AIB moves from standalone building in front of the Physics
  9. building to a unit in the \"Street\" in the Henry Gratten building.
  10. 18th - Rag Week. 19th - Redbrick alt.Rag Ball in Mono. Damien Rice and
  11. Kid Icarus play.
  12. 21st - Redbrick Radio mailing list setup to discuss having a streaming
  13. radio station on redbrick.
  14. 26th - Redbrick disables accounts which haven\'t been renewed. There is
  15. debate over some of the accounts as they are believed to have been used
  16. by people who were neither past or present students or staff of DCU.
  17. 27th - Prodigy goes down due to hard SCSI errors generated apparently by
  18. the cdrom drive.
  19. 27th - Redbrick Radio begins test broadcast.
  20. 28th - CSD grants Redbrick permission to keep existing accounts which
  21. had been used by people who, ordinarily, would not be entitled to
  22. redbrick accounts.
  23. ## March
  24. 13th/14th - Students Union elections.
  25. 14th - The Xbox is launched in Europe.
  26. 15th - Sean Scally is elected President of DCU SU for the coming year.
  27. Michael Moriarty is elected Vice President.
  28. 15th - board created.
  29. 15th - My last day of lectures!!!
  30. 17th - board deleted. redbrick.agm board created.
  31. 22nd - Singer creates a new Yahoo group for when redbrick is offline.
  32. 29th - Redbrick is taken offline over Easter weekend for admin work.
  33. ## April
  34. DCU plans to let go part-time lecturers in the School of Communications
  35. because of the budget cuts. However these lecturers taught 90% of the
  36. Multimedia course, thus DCU has massively restructured the course
  37. (\"butchered\" was a word used).
  38. Publication of College View is suspended after a libellous article is
  39. published. The year\'s final issue is withdrawn and pulped.
  40. 2nd - Redbrick is back online.
  41. 3rd - Students\' Union holds a referendum on disaffiliating from USI.
  42. Students vote in favour of disaffiliation.
  43. 4th - Comment posted to the message board in the MUD by wishkah@rb.
  44. 5th - The Archery Club is co-founded by halenger@rb and holds its first
  45. training session.
  46. 16th - Helpdesk candidates\' test.
  47. 17th - Admin candidates\' test.
  48. 18th - Webmaster candidates\' test.
  49. 18th - 207 users logged on simultaneously.
  50. 22th - c-hey 2.0 released by Colmmacc.
  51. 23rd - AGM. Kamili is elected as chair. Colmmacc also ran and Azrael was
  52. also nominated. Montoya is elected as secretary. Azrael was also
  53. nominated. Marvin is elected as treasurer. Anakin also ran. Angel is
  54. elected as ents officer. Egg also ran. Del_boy is elected as PRO.
  55. Azrael and Magluby also ran. Pixies, Dizer, and Cns are elected as
  56. admins. Trevj also ran. Emperor is elected as webmaster. Nero and
  57. Entropy also ran. Cambo, Skyhawk, and Mark are elected to helpdesk. A
  58. drunk Dec also ran. There was a close vote in both ents and chair
  59. elections and recounts were done. Cns was given an award for his work on
  60. committee over the year. Some ammendments were passed, including one
  61. removing the entry which said that founder members should have free
  62. membership for life. Shadow video-ed the AGM. The post AGM bash was held
  63. in Pravda.
  64. ## May
  65. 2nd - Colmmacc coins the phrase \"Onionisms\" to describe emperor\'s use
  66. of phrases which read like headlines from
  67. 3rd - Shadow calculates the longest running threads that have occurred
  68. since March 2000. \"FREE THE ODYSSEY ONE\" is the longest thread with
  69. over 1000 posts.
  70. 3rd - The Gamecube is launched in Europe.
  71. 16th - is created after a suggestion
  72. by werewulf.
  73. 17th - Irish general election. First election to use electronic voting
  74. in some constituencies. Fianna Fail wins enough to form the next
  75. government.
  76. 19th - created.
  77. 20th - East Timor becomes the first new nation of the 21st century.
  78. 31st - World Cup in Japan and South Korea begins. Brazil won.
  79. ## June
  80. 6th - becomes a subscription service immediately reducing
  81. the number of posts to .news
  82. 11th - Marvin resigns from the Redbrick committee.
  83. 16th - An official web interface for reading some of the boards is put
  84. up on the website. However some members object to their posts being
  85. readable by anyone on the web.
  86. ## July
  87. 5th - colmmacc writes the Tardis which is designed to make long urls
  88. which are sometimes posted to the boards more presentable.
  89. 14th - Colmmacc mails the admin-discuss list to talk about implementing
  90. webmail on Redbrick. He has made it possible, but the solution required
  91. setting up various files which I for one (cokane) was too lazy to do.
  92. 19th - Competition is announced to design HTTP error pages for the
  93. Redbrick web server.
  94. 30th - USI organises a capitation march in the city centre in protest at
  95. the 69% rise in capitation fees.
  96. ## August
  97. 1st - Due to communication problems and a 3 month old \"at\" job,
  98. is deleted.
  99. 13th - Redbrick.test has become a sort of extra .babble board. Jaydee
  100. and Deebee open their new \"club\" called t:Est on redbrick.test.
  101. 30th - Trip to London organised by Redbrick to see some computer game
  102. museum and get pissed. 11 people go in the end: Angel, Moridin, Montoya,
  103. Magluby, Vendetta, Belial, Thor, Sheila, Kamili, Goratrix, and Colmmacc.
  104. 31st - Google automatically redirects users to now.
  105. ## September
  106. 3rd - Cns sets up Redbrick fortune. The first quotes in it are from
  107. Pixies\' Laws.
  108. 4th - Brickie Slack is arrested at 5am at Shannon airport with another
  109. man for painting anti-war slogans on an American military plane.
  110. 4th - The news server is down a lot because it is hosted on enigma and
  111. the RAID array is being setup on enigma causing a lot of downtime for
  112. it. Colmmacc sets up a temporary news server on prodigy late in the day.
  113. 11th - redbrick.committee newsgroup is setup for correspondance with the
  114. Redbrick committee.
  115. 14th - Eoin Dubsky(slack) has his picture on the front page of the Irish
  116. Times. There is an article inside about how a High Court judge supported
  117. his case against the government in court yesterday (Friday) the 13th.
  118. 15th - redbrick.egm is created for discussing the upcoming EGM.
  119. 23rd - New rules posted to the board in MUD
  120. 25th - lists.bugtraq is setup by bobb after a post to .suggestions.
  121. 26th - lists.bugtraq made read-only so ppl can\'t post to it and end up
  122. spamming the list.
  123. ## October
  124. College View returns after securing a new printer.
  125. 1st - Redbrick EGM in CG12 to elect a new treasurer. Dimples was elected
  126. treasurer. An amendment to remove an amendment from the previous AGM
  127. about full minutes was passed after much discussion, as was an amendment
  128. about releasing minutes which was stricter than the removed one.
  129. 9th - Clubs and Socs day in DCU. Redbrick has a higher ratio of renewals
  130. to new memberships this year. The main Redbrick stand is in the seminar
  131. room upstairs in the Hub.
  132. 11th - imurphy@rb is apparently the first 8th gen redbrick member to log
  133. on. Good for them!
  134. 11th - The admins change the slrn, mutt, and zsh setups slightly to make
  135. them more appealing to freshers.
  136. 15th - is setup after thayl gets an iBook.
  137. 16th - Redbrick Freshers\' Event in Da2 on Wicklow St. DJ
  138. [HomerJ](/Rbwiki_HomerJ "wikilink") plays downstairs while Pugwash and
  139. Veto Caul play upstairs.
  140. 19th - Second Nice referendum. The result is a Yes vote.
  141. 22nd - First Redbrick tutorial of the year in LG25 about the basics of
  142. using Redbrick.
  143. ## November
  144. 6th -, intersocs.suggestions, and created
  145. by Colmmacc. These newsgroups are hosted by HEAnet (which has a number
  146. of brickies working there) as opposed to the old intersocs board(s)
  147. which was hosted by various netsocs at different times.
  148. 7th - [DrJolt](/Rbwiki_DrJolt "wikilink") asks Pooka to delete his
  149. account and he obliges. DrJolt returned to RedBrick a year later.
  150. 7th - Post-Halloween event in [SoSuMe](/Rbwiki_SoSuMe "wikilink").
  151. 10th - Montoya resigns as secretary of Redbrick.
  152. 13th - Angel resigns as ents officer of Redbrick.
  153. 13th - Trinity netsoc members start posting to the intersocs boards.
  154. 20th - intersocs.general,,,
  155., intersocs.computing.unix,,
  156., intersocs.movies created.
  157. 21st - Mark resigns from Redbrick helpdesk.
  158. 27th - Intersocs event between Trinity and Redbrick in Da2. The Chalets,
  159. Capratone and Skylight play.
  160. ## December
  161. 2nd - Consumer boycott about price rises since the introduction of the
  162. Euro.
  163. 5th - Limerick netsoc, Skynet, start posting to intersocs boards.
  164. 5th - Redbrick EGM gouki elected to secretary with one vote difference
  165. to trevj so a new EGM is called after alegations of voting slips of
  166. people who had left the room being used. Purdy elected to ents. Dec
  167. elected to helpdesk.
  168. 11th - Redbrick Christmas event Held in Down Under at Major Tom\'s in
  169. association with Filmsoc, Dance Soc, Archery, Clubbers and DCUMac.
  170. 16th - redbrick.puns newsgroup is created after a suggestion by
  171. del_boy.
  172. 17th - Redbrick EGM Trevj was elected secretary. No one else ran.
  173. [Category:Timeline](/Category:Timeline "wikilink")