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  1. [Category: Redbrick History](/Category:_Redbrick_History "wikilink")
  2. ## January
  3. * 20th - New direct attached storage array arrives. Named
  4. [Worf](/Worf "wikilink"), to get back at
  5. [lil_cain](/User:lil_cain "wikilink") for giving us 2 years of
  6. [terribly](/Minerva "wikilink") [named](/Sprout "wikilink")
  7. [machines](/Daniel "wikilink"). Since it doesn\'t actually have a
  8. hostname, this won\'t matter though.
  9. * 20th - [B4](/B4 "wikilink") is \"modified\" to take extra serial
  10. ports. Pictures to be posted to soon. Still in
  11. infinitely better condition then the machine it\'s replacing
  12. ([sprout](/Sprout "wikilink")).
  13. ## February
  14. * 1st - Redbrick Members go to England and find that everything is
  15. cheaper. (Case in point: Burger, chips and a Vodka + coke for £4.95)
  16. * 2nd - Travelling members go to Bletchley Park and are amazed by the
  17. whole place, also Craig Gavagan Mac Entee ( credak ) discovers that
  18. Alan Turing was Gay. credak is interested enough to investigate
  19. more. Later that night, Brickies congregate in Craig\'s room and
  20. make enough noise to annoy an uppity German across the hall, Chris
  21. gets his hair straightened and has make up put on him.
  22. * 3rd - Brickies return from England, flight is delayed by about a
  23. half hour due to delayed flight coming from Dublin.
  24. * 5th - Redbrick goes down in order to move user files to the new
  25. faster storage array ([Worf](/Worf "wikilink")), logins return
  26. around 9 while web server remains down for a bit longer. Users gain
  27. more space for ~~pronz~~ files
  28. * 16th - Lotta Mikkonnen ([Attol](/User:attol "wikilink")), David
  29. Glennon ([Azrael](/User:azrael "wikilink")) and Craig Gavagan Mac
  30. Entee ([Credak](/User:credak "wikilink")) man the Redbrick
  31. Refreshers Day table and attract \~6/7 new people.
  32. [Credak](/User:credak "wikilink") **voluntarily** spends most of the
  33. day in the infamous brick mascot.
  34. * 16th - Virtual machines are made available on a
  35. this-will-probably-asplode-at-any-moment-alpha basis. It rapidly
  36. begins [asploding](/RBVM_Bugs "wikilink"), but it\'s a huge step in
  37. the right direction.
  38. * 20th - Linux is put back on [Murphy](/Murphy "wikilink"). Redbrick
  39. is free from [Solaris](/Rage "wikilink") \\o/
  40. * 26th-28th - Redbrick visit Skynet to attend a series of talks.
  41. Speakers include Matt Zimmerman, David Coallier and Laura
  42. Czajkowski. Terran(Skynet) takes GW, Attol and Spanza on a tour of
  43. Limerick. Not much sleep is had on the nights due to partying and
  44. chatting. Tyrion(Skynet) abuses \"Kevin\". A random drunk dude who
  45. wandered into our booth in Costelloe\'s to have a nap. Maiden
  46. parties on down with Skynetters
  47. ## March
  48. * 2nd - Admin training for 2010 begins with a session on shell
  49. scripting presented by [Andrew Harford](/User:receive "wikilink").
  50. * 8th - Start of Tech Week 2010:
  51. `Monday, 1PM - Hackerspaces, Jeffrey Roe`\
  52. `Monday, 8PM - Launch party, Nubar`\
  53. `Tuesday, 6PM - Game Programming,`[` Tom`` ``Cashman `](/User:kineada "wikilink")\
  54. `Tuesday, 7PM - Django,`[` Eoghan`` ``Gaffney `](/User:atlas "wikilink")\
  55. `Tuesday, 8PM - Film, Strange Things`\
  56. `Wednesday, 2PM - Past Multimedia Projects, Declan Tuite`\
  57. `Wednesday, 4PM - Build Your Own PC,`[` Sean`` ``Hand `](/User:revenant "wikilink")\
  58. `Wednesday, 5PM - QZar`\
  59. `Thursday, 6PM - Sustainable Computing,`[` Dave`` ``O'Connor `](/User:doc "wikilink")`, Google`\
  60. `Thursday, 7PM - Ubuntu Ireland Community, Laura Czjakowski`\
  61. `Thursday, 8PM - Strange Things Quiz`\
  62. `Saturday -`[` Robot`` ``Wars,`` ``NUIG `](/Botwars_NUIG "wikilink")
  63. * The Annual Redbrick Table Quiz was held, Prizes were 1st External
  64. Hard Drives, 2nd Sega Mega Drives, 3rd Nerf Guns, The raffle prize
  65. of a Dell Mini 10v was won by Andrew Harford. Debate Soc came first,
  66. again.
  67. ## April
  68. * 15th - Annual AGM is held in CG04 with an amazing turnout.
  69. Resolution to reduce Helpdesk from three people to two people passes
  70. by a clear majority. Elections were held and the new committee was
  71. chosen.
  72. Chairperson:
  73. `Lotta Mikkonen (attol) was the only candidate and was elected by a show of hands`
  74. Secretary:
  75. `Nina Hanzlikova (geekity) was the only candidate and was elected by a show of hands`
  76. Events Officer:
  77. `Emma Gallagher (emma) was the only candidate and was elected by a show of hands`
  78. PRO:
  79. `Carri Fuery (carri) was the only candidate and was elected by a show of hands`
  80. Admins:
  81. `James Reilly (fun) and Seamus Ronan (train) ran, both were elected`
  82. Webmaster:
  83. `Craig Gavagan Mac Entee (creadak) was the only candidate and was elected by a show of hands`
  84. Helpdesk:
  85. `Paul Bunbury (bunbun) and Shane Stacey (isaac702) ran, both were elected.`
  86. The First Year Rep, Treasurer and the Third Admin will be elected at an
  87. EGM in October.
  88. ## August
  89. * 12th - Servers are taken offline to prepare for the move to our new
  90. server room. [Minerva](/Minerva "wikilink"),
  91. [Morpheus](/Morpheus "wikilink") and [Worf](/Worf "wikilink") are
  92. moved to ISS\'s server room in the library to maintain services
  93. during the downtime. The brick is \"accidentally\" destroyed in the
  94. process. Meeting room 3 becomes Redbrick storage.
  95. * 26th - [Minerva](/Minerva "wikilink"),
  96. [Morpheus](/Morpheus "wikilink") and [Worf](/Worf "wikilink") are
  97. brought back online in their new home. Normal services are restored.
  98. ## September
  99. * 16th - A new brick (costume) is created. It awaits a red covering of
  100. some kind.
  101. * 20th-24th - Orientation Week in DCU. Redbrick sets up a table in the
  102. hub. [Heisenberg](/Heisenberg "wikilink") is put on show. Fun\'s
  103. laptop is used to show off Redbrick\'s services. Spam ensues in
  104. \#lobby. Red paper is used to cover the brick as a stop gap
  105. solution, [isaac702](/User:isaac702 "wikilink") models it.
  106. * 23rd - Our new server room is cleaned and organized. Meeting room 3
  107. is no longer used as Redbrick storage.
  108. ## October
  109. * 4th - Air-conditioning malfunctions in the server room.
  110. [Data](/Data "wikilink"), [Daniel](/Daniel "wikilink") and
  111. [Carbon](/Carbon "wikilink") are temporarily taken offline.
  112. * 5th/6th - Clubs and Societies days. The 16th generation of redbrick
  113. members register. Ceiling Cat is brought out running a copy of the
  114. unreleased Redbrick Ubuntu 10.4. Fun\'s laptop is setup as a bridge
  115. to give Ceiling Cat access to the internet. DCU\'s LDAP server goes
  116. down. Panic ensues. Redbrick gains its 7000th member.
  117. * 7th - The Introduction to Redbrick tutorial is held. Followed by the
  118. Redbrick freshers ball in the Slipper. Attendance is decent at both.
  119. Cake is eaten.
  120. * 13th - EGM is held in QG21. Elections for the positions of
  121. Treasurer, Events Officer, Admin and First year rep are held.
  122. First Year Rep:
  123. Dave Larkan (tziegler) and Micheal Daly (mdaly) both ran. tziegler was elected by a show of hands.
  124. Treasurer:
  125. Conor Forde (fordy) was the only candidate and was elected by a show of hands.
  126. Events Officer:
  127. Aisling Mulholland (crash) was the only candidate and was elected by a show of hands.
  128. System Administrator:
  129. Gautam Wadhwa (gw) and Austin Halpin (haus) both ran. haus was elected by a secret ballet.
  130. * 18th - Redbrick goes to the cinema (The Social Network) as its
  131. second Monday Social Night. Subsidized tickets are quickly
  132. allocated. Many more arrive for the event.
  133. * 19th - Linux install-fest takes place in LG26. Fun demonstrates. A
  134. surprisingly large number of people turn up to install Linux. Grub 2
  135. fails\...
  136. * 30th - Redbrick is taken offline as power testing takes place in the
  137. hub. Redbrick withdrawal symptoms set in amongst members due to the
  138. prolonged downtime.
  139. ## November
  140. * 3rd - Redbrick\'s servers are brought back online as power testing
  141. in the hub is completed.
  142. * 11th - Redbrick is taken offline due to maintenance to the power
  143. systems in the hub.
  144. * 14th - Redbrick\'s servers are brought back online as maintenance to
  145. the system\'s in the hub is completed. Uptime is announced.
  146. ## December
  147. * 1st onwards - Adverse weather conditions (Snow) curtail DCU\'s
  148. opening times and result in the cancellation of many Clubs and
  149. Society events.
  150. * 8th - The annual Christmas party is held in the Slipper with
  151. Booksoc, LGBT, Airsoft, Strange Things and GamesSoc.
  152. * 12th - This years set of Redbrick Hoodies arrive.
  153. [geekity](/User:geekity "wikilink") distributes.