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  1. Before the days of Redbrick and Tolka, the email service for students
  2. was known as Vax. It was somewhat more complex than either of the other
  3. two mentioned and only facilitated email. Telnet, newsgroups or bulletin
  4. boards, and chat were all unknown on Vax.
  5. Vax email addresses were much like Tolka\'s, the standard was
  6. It was also possible to see the people logged on
  7. at any given time, when the user checked to see who was on, the student
  8. numbers and their \"real name\" was displayed. The real name was
  9. invariably some sort of equivalent of their now Redbrick username,
  10. though the real name had no impact on the system (i.e. there could be
  11. several Batmans at the same time) this occasionally led to conflict when
  12. a first year logged in and took a name being used by someone else.
  13. As mentioned, the real names were the usual way of identifying someone,
  14. 95581421 was never used to identify the person, generally it would be
  15. Gambit or whatever name the person had chosen. This differs of course on
  16. Redbrick where people know a user by their username as opposed to the
  17. real name (eg Wishkah as opposed to Typo Negative).
  18. Vax had a certain community spirit on it even without access to chat and
  19. generally there were a core of about forty users who knew each other
  20. fairly well. These users were some of the first members of Redbrick,
  21. known as First [Generation](/Generation "wikilink") Brickies or FGBs.
  22. \--Silk
  23. Originally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")
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