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  1. ## coconut
  2. ### What is RedBrick?
  3. Full version of Campus article from September 2009.
  4. \"What is RedBrick?\" - this is the age-old query which has plagued the
  5. DCU Networking Society for years. RedBrick is such a diverse society
  6. that a million monkeys working on a million typewriters for a million
  7. years might reproduce the works of Shakespeare, but they\'ll never come
  8. up with a concise explanation as to what RedBrick is.
  9. Simply put, RedBrick is a rather big social society with a slant on
  10. computers and technology. We host a plethora of techy events designed to
  11. entertain and educate anyone and everyone, including cinema trips, pub
  12. nights and tutorials and workshops on programming, web design and
  13. graphic design. Expect to see the return of the annual RedBrick
  14. Freshers\' Ball (booze! booze! booze!) and the table quiz; last year,
  15. the quiz saw members having prizes practically thrown at them, with Sega
  16. Mega Drives, portable hard drives, Lucky Charms cereal and plenty of
  17. spot prizes being won. We also raffled off a brand new Eee PC laptop.
  18. At the start of 2009, over twenty Brickies went to Finland - birthplace
  19. of the Linux kernel - to mess about in massive technology museums,
  20. employ stealth and cunning in a battle to snow each other into our
  21. cabins and feast on reindeer and mead in a Viking restaurant (all while
  22. being quite drunk).
  23. RedBrick isn\'t just about events though; we are lucky enough to own our
  24. own servers on which we host the services used daily by our members: IRC
  25. (Internet Relay Chat - our most popular service, as it\'s great for
  26. putting off assignments until the last minute, waffling about
  27. whatever\'s on your mind and meeting new people),webspace (host your own
  28. website with massive amounts of storage space), forums/message boards,
  29. the photo gallery and your own e-mail address. We also
  30. have our own wiki site (, where all members can
  31. create/edit/vandalise pages on whatever you feel like. You can access
  32. all of these services from any computer connected to the Internet.
  33. Networking societies are to be found all over the country, and RedBrick
  34. * as part of the Intersocs network - is often found mingling with other
  35. nerds from Trinity, DIT, NUI Maynooth and University of Limerick, both
  36. at Intersocs events and in the IRC channel.
  37. So, if you want to make new friends, talk about anything that\'s on your
  38. mind, or just get twisted because you have nothing better to do with
  39. your time, RedBrick has something to offer you.
  40. ## Justin / cain
  41. Illustrious Chairman, Justin/[Cain](/User:_Cain "wikilink"), originally
  42. joined redbrick to write an article for An Tarbh.
  43. Just to correct this. I initially joined because a cute girl in my class
  44. joined up. She never renewed after her first year as it happens. I was
  45. bored one day, logged on and thought to myself, \'I could write a poorly
  46. written and amateurish account of this evening\'s entertainment\'. And
  47. so\.... - Cain
  48. ### I was a BBS Virgin, by \'Caine\'
  49. There are many despised sub-cultures clinging to existence on campus.
  50. From the DBES to CS students, these groups, ostracised from normal
  51. society, carry on their lives away from public scrutiny. One of these
  52. groups, perhaps the most secretive of them all, are those whose only
  53. interaction with society is on the BBS. I\'m sure you\'ve seen them,
  54. huddled over their monitors in the computer rooms talking and laughing
  55. to themselves as they send off another hilarious missive to their fellow
  56. nerds across campus. Therefore in the interests of investigative
  57. journalism, and to alleviate the boredom of a rainy afternoon, I donned
  58. the sobriquet \'Caine\' and went undercover on the BBS to discover just
  59. what it is that is so funny.
  60. The first thing I noticed as I logged on was the warm reception I got.
  61. Despite not knowing what was going on I was warmly welcomed into their
  62. society. I spent the first few minutes in observation, trying to follow
  63. their conversation, which seemed to centre on one user called
  64. \'Rabbit\'. Bored to tears I changed the topic to the proposed November
  65. 14 SU walkout in an effort to find out if anybody was angry. Instead, I
  66. got an alternative plan that the SU would do well to consider, \"kidnap
  67. Danny O\'Hare and hold him to ransom\".
  68. It was at this stage that I was approached by another user, \'Thalia\',
  69. with whom I spent the next fifteen minutes arguing about the Union and
  70. why it never did anything, etc. This conversation challenged my
  71. perceptions that these people knew nothing about what happened outside
  72. of the computer rooms as I was roundly thrashed before Thalia departed
  73. leaving me alone as all others had voted with their e-mail and slipped
  74. away from politics to another chat-room. Not knowing how anything
  75. worked, I spent the next five minutes trying to find the group again,
  76. which leaves me to thank \'Dauphin\' for letting me in. Unfortunately,
  77. before I could press my advantage Dauphin had been stolen away by
  78. Mulder, from the Grattan building so I didn\'t get to experience what
  79. this cybersex is all about, but I did watch with interest as Dauphin and
  80. Mulder fornicated like rabbits over the next few minutes.
  81. Meanwhile a fight had broken out between Jacques and Ericc that seemed
  82. to be covering up a mountain of sexual tension between them. Egged on,
  83. however by Bernice and Poster, Jacques found it difficult to be honest
  84. with Erricc and she took refuge in vague insinuations about the size of
  85. Ericc\'s equipment ( which is rather small by her accounts). In the end,
  86. of course, love won out and in a bizarre menage a quartre with Poster,
  87. Bernice and Jacuques and with me looking on interestedly, Ericc did the
  88. business and departed pronouncing himself well satisfied with the nights
  89. work. Dauphin and Mulder continued to exchange poetry and smoke the
  90. proverbial cigarette for the next few minutes before they too departed
  91. leaving me alone with Poster, Jacques and Bernice. Needless to say I
  92. quickly departed the hormone filled chat room and scurried home.
  93. So the \$64,000 dollar question, does it beat the bar? On the downside
  94. there is no alcohol, a point which cannot be under-emphasised, and it is
  95. very difficult to meet members of the opposite sex for anything more
  96. than fevered typing. On the upside the inhabitants are friendly and they
  97. talk the same bullshit sober that most of us need alcohol to talk. They
  98. also talk about the same things we do, politics, sex, genital size,
  99. Jacque\'s astonishing knowledge of sexual innuendo and the power
  100. rangers. I would highly recommend a look if any of the said topics
  101. interest you. But be warned, it may be sad but it is addictive. Thanks
  102. to everyone I mentioned in this article and the few I didn\'t.
  103. Caine.
  104. ## Kevin / kevd
  105. At phaxx\'s suggestion, Campus (the weekly students\' union magazine)
  106. found a RedBrick virgin and asked them to join up and write about their
  107. experience. It was published on April 9th, 2007.
  108. ### Campus Dares You! (to use RedBrick)
  109. [right\|300px](/Image:Campus_kevd_article.png "wikilink")
  110. There are a lot of fun or even scary things that you could be dared to
  111. do in life - a bungee jump, an open-mic night or even sword fighting -
  112. so when I was asked to live my life through redbrick for a few days I
  113. have to say I was hugely under whelmed.
  114. First off, for me Redbrick in DCU meant the outer walls of Hampstead not
  115. a second dimension where computer students seem to spend all their time.
  116. Redbrick is in its own words: a computer network in DCU, run by students
  117. for the students.Basically, hundreds of students log on everyday to
  118. chat, put up pictures and podcasts and to have good gossip it appears.
  119. Now its not that I\'m a technophobe, I just get bored with the whole
  120. computer thing. My college house has a grand collection of a Nintendo
  121. 64, PS2, Wii and the latest addition of a PS3 but I\'d be hard fought to
  122. get engrossed in any of them so starting out redbrick proved a bit of a
  123. logistical nightmare. To be honest I didnt even know what tbh meant.
  124. Admittedly, I had preconceptions of the type of people who sit around
  125. all day on what I would best describe as a super advanced and less
  126. colourful version of Bebo. I had images of a style society
  127. where people discussed the finer points of Pythagoras\' theorem while
  128. reflecting on some show about gigabytes they saw on the Discovery
  129. channel last night.
  130. That was mistake number one. Mistake number two was not being armed with
  131. a pseudonym when the ever helpful Charlie in clubs and socs set up my
  132. account. Put on the stop I opted for kevd only later to discover that
  133. nobody operated under an identifiable name, instead choosing alter egos
  134. like phaxx, munky or duke. Nevertheless, I eventually logged onto
  135. Murphy, the central server where the action happens.
  136. The busiest part of life on Redbrick is the chat room where people seem
  137. to stay all day discussing just about anything that crosses their minds
  138. and generally people have no problem speaking their minds. I\'m guessing
  139. from a general reaction that my sudden presence on Redbrick caused a few
  140. to questions as to my motive, suggesting that as an online community it
  141. has a number of cliques and it wasn\'t long before I was told \"Union
  142. hacks out\". But people mostly just wanted to discuss dinner plans, the
  143. true meaning of OH (thats hydroxide not water as was established after
  144. some debate!) and even where to get fairtrade Easter eggs.
  145. But if my couple of days of red- bricking have taught me anything its
  146. that redbrick is gossip central and has no shortage of bitchiness. At
  147. 1:24pm on Tuesday, theycould tell me that exactly 542 people had voted
  148. in the SU elections. Apparently, short skirts get votes, if the
  149. candidate is decent looking, because SU elections are according to
  150. redbrick a beauty contest. And if you\'ve ever wondered what happened to
  151. former president Paul May I can officially tell you that he did the
  152. Blackrock triathlon in June last year, followed by the Chicago one in
  153. August and he spent New Years in Berlin. Bebo wouldnt have half of it!
  154. However, while Redbrick does seem to be at the pulse of everything
  155. happening in DCU (as I write a discussion is brewing as to why Lord of
  156. the Rings music is playing in the Hub - \"coz it\'s full of nerds\") I
  157. do worry a little that many of its users have never heard of 3 euro
  158. Tuesday or Desperate Housewives. After several drinks in the Hub I
  159. discover that 53 people are still online at 4am in the morning. Most may
  160. not be active but they are still logged in - mistake number three.
  161. Kevin Doyle, Victim
  162. [Category:Redbrick History](/Category:Redbrick_History "wikilink")