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  1. Pine is this mail and news reader which has found favour among a small
  2. mentally unstable section of Redbrick\'s users. Pine is bloated beyond
  3. the realms of even the worst CA\'s code and consumes resources faster
  4. and in greater quantity than any other program on redbrick.
  5. The [Admins](/Admins "wikilink") continue to strive to secure a Pine
  6. free world. In the immortal words of DrJolt, \"You may choose between
  7. the alternatives, we shall choose the alternatives provided.\"
  8. Many believe that Pine is easier to learn and use, this is true, so long
  9. as one also believes that odyssey\'s posts are never wrong.
  10. \--Grimnar
  11. Originally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")
  12. [Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")