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  1. This page lists bugs with the redbrick VM system (at
  2. [<>](,
  3. documentation [here](
  4. **<big><big><big>RBVM Bugs are now tracked on
  5. [Bugzilla](</big></big></big>**
  6. ## Old bugs
  7. 1. <span style="color:#fff;background:#f00">Unassigned</span> **Minor
  8. Bug:** VM names can be set to empty string. Cosmetic bug only.
  9. 2. <span style="color:#fff;background:#080">Fixed: r70</span> **Major
  10. Bug:** For some reason, on VM power on, the call on the
  11. monitor pseudoterminal blocks occasionally, causing the power on to
  12. fail (and the KVM process to stay running) (removed use of PTYs)
  13. 3. <span style="color:#000;background:#f93">In progress (werdz)</span>
  14. **Major Bug:** VM powered on detection needs work, it should check
  15. by MAC address and disk image name to try to detect when a VM power
  16. on failure has occurred.
  17. 1. Addressed a little in rev 70, still not quite there.
  18. 2. This is happening at random again. Changed this from improvement
  19. to major bug, and added some debug info to figure out why this
  20. still isn\'t working 100% in r76.
  21. 3. This seems to have stopped happening since power on detection
  22. rules were relaxed (/proc timestamp checking was removed). Keep
  23. an eye on it though.
  24. 4. <span style="color:#000;background:#f93">In progress
  25. (lil_cain)</span> **Moderate Bug:** Session cache should be cleared
  26. when the system starts up, otherwise lock errors cause some
  27. peoples\' sessions to asplode.
  28. 1. I believe I have this fixed, just waiting for werdz to review
  29. before merging
  30. 5. <span style="color:#fff;background:#f00">Unassigned</span>
  31. **Improvement:** Logging and debug levels, etc, need to be cleaned
  32. up properly.
  33. 6. <span style="color:#fff;background:#080">Fixed: r66</span>
  34. **Moderate Bug:** If new VMs are created as root, the mode and
  35. ownerships of the VM images under /var/lib/rbvm/images is completely
  36. wrong - VM will refuse to start as the rbvm user can\'t read/write
  37. the image.
  38. 7. <span style="color:#fff;background:#080">Fixed: r65</span>
  39. **Improvement:** Add extra columns (MAC, IP, status) to homepage.
  40. 8. <span style="color:#fff;background:#080">Fixed: r72</span>
  41. **Improvement:** Add hardware options to front end (NIC controller,
  42. etc). Backend added in rev 70
  43. 9. <span style="color:#fff;background:#080">Fixed: r69</span>
  44. **Improvement:** Boot device selection
  45. 10. <span style="color:#fff;background:#080">Fixed: r73</span> **Minor
  46. Bug:** Live boot device selection didn\'t interact with KVM properly
  47. 11. <span style="color:#fff;background:#080">Fixed: r75</span>
  48. **Improvement:** Add ACPI control (-no-acpi KVM cmd line option) to
  49. KVM module and frontent.
  50. 12. <span style="color:#fff;background:#080">Invalid</span> **Moderate
  51. Bug:** IO performance sucks since a kernel update last week. Some
  52. security patches for KVM were involved. Investigate.
  53. 1. This turned out to be a misconfiguration on daniel. Not a bug in
  54. the RBVM source code.
  55. 13. <span style="color:#fff;background:#f00">Unassigned</span>
  56. **Critical Bug:** Somebody forgot to turn Daniel back on after the
  57. move. Fixitfixitfixit.
  58. **NOTOC** [Category: RedBrick VM
  59. Project](/Category:_RedBrick_VM_Project "wikilink")