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We have a 3000Va Rackmounted 3U UPS, made by APC, bought from Dell.

[Category:Hardware](/Category:Hardware "wikilink")

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noun: Applied Physics Students

What kind of person would choose to study Applied Physics? You\'d have
to be mentally unstable or something. This is quite accurate. Many
recover quickly and either become CAs or flee altogether. Others, are
not so lucky and spend years\... learning Physics.

Pity them, but don\'t fear them. They are mostly harmless, so long as
you don\'t raise topics which could in any way relate to explosions or


Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")

[Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")

PHAs (Physics With Astronomy students) on the other hand, what\'s not to
like \^_\^


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Loose History


Every Redbrick member has their own personal history of the society, and
together we have a collective personal history of events. The society
independently has it\'s own history rooted in facts, developments,
events. Whether we can accurately describe all these views of our
beloved society in true glory (with warts & all, for better & worse)
remains uncertain, and we each develop a view of the history the more we
learn and the more involved we become. Given all this, here\'s a loose
overview of things anyway. Maybe we can work with it. Add or change bits
that you know about, if you can!


\"In October 1995 a group of friends got the ball rolling on the idea of
a computer network in DCU, run by students for the students\". These
immortal words have been on every society website since 1998, and still
capture what redbrick essentially is (friends, vision, education,
cooperation, proactivity). The first Redbrick machine was a personal
computer of drjolt, dubbed \'Nurse\', named after a Therapy? Album. It
was originally put on the network in the School of Computer
Applications, hidden under a desk at the back of the LG01 computer lab,
but first went online from under a desk in QG07 in the Business School
(Computer Applications were unwilling to extend the temporary
arrangements up to this point). This was early 1996 when Redbrick was
switched on for the first time. Soon after, Redbrick was granted a
\'subnet\' (136.206.15.X) from the wider college organisation, DCU
Computer Services (CSD), giving the society more official status within
the university.

The first event took place in Fibbers (now Bacchus) of Parnell Street on
October 17th, organised by some users in the chat room. The first event
organised by the committee however, dubbed \"The First Fiddle\", took
place in The Mean Fiddler, and also was the first Intersocs event. A
more renowned event was held at Christmas however, the month after the
First Fiddle, in the Jolly Beggarman pub (now Kitty Kiernans) on Collins
Ave, just down the road from DCU. This event has become legendary for
stories of thayl climbing & falling off a nearby phonebox, and further
trouble at a house party later on where uninvited local ruffians
(\"scumbags\") were dealt with by some of the society\'s more
intimidating early members.

Redbrick as a system for users consisted of a Bulletin Board System
(BBS), which were popular at that early time of the Irish internet.
These were systems that people could dial into from home, post messages
to, chat, all in a purposely-designed program on a text based terminal.
Redbrick\'s BBS had a popular chat room area and a strong newsgroup
culture. Many famous discussions and posts took place, and the BBS
system is remembered fondly as an easy to use central hub for society
members to communicate.

**Social Times**

In 1996/1997 both the BBS and the social events started gaining
notoriety, and the society grew gradually as a result. Justin Moran
(cain) joined the BBS as a journalism student to write an article for An
Tarbh which captures some of the spirit at the time. A popular part of
the BBS was \"Redbrick House\" (developed by pooka), a custom style chat
area in the style of a house, with different rooms. Every member joining
the chat gained a certain \"level\" depending on how many hours they had
spent, which gave a certain level of \'epic\'ness to the whole thing!
Overall, there was a good social spirit to the society, which centered
on the BBS and newsgroup, as well as the events of the time and even a
\"table\" in the canteen that would regularly be be populated by
Redbrick or STOCS people throughout the day.

**Growth & Momentum**

Early society growth, the spock tenure, membership cards, Alt Rag Ball,
huge fresher events, dyed hair Redbrick was physically housed at this
time, into the open CSD computer labs in the Henry Grattan building,
housed in a single rack (spray painted black) which was dubbed \"The

**DCU\'s Biggest Society**

By this time, Redbrick had grown to over 1,000 members, officially
becoming the biggest society in DCU. Powerful systems, powerful
influence. Awards & accolades. Recognition.

**Technical Prowess**

Website/webgroup project, the network grows, clusters, IPv6,
contributing to technical projects in Ireland like SAGE-IE and ILUG.

**Female leads**

Potential infights post-success, Kamili, Drusilla tenures, society
happenings around this time? Later Angelkat\'s chairship, more
infighting and the robby incident. Attol too.

**Associate Culture**

The first time the associate presence becomes sizeable, the effect on
the society\'s dynamic

**Settling in**

Living in the Redbrick room, consolidating the network, Wavehunt,


Anniversary organisation, the event, the collage, the general spirit,
associate meetups, the death of drjolt


### Network

The first system was a single computer (Nurse), an Intel 386 with 8 MB
RAM and 800 MB of disk. A few months later this changed to 2 x 4.6 GB
disks. \"Mother\" replaced this system a year later (Dec 1997).
\"Enigma\" arrived a year after this (October 1998), running FreeBSD. Up
to now the systems had been stored in CSD, Henry Grattan Building. A
move of the systems took place in September 2000, to the Publications
Office in the Hub. A desktop computer donated by CA was used as
dax.redbrick for CTYI kids, set up in February 2001. A Sun E450 system
(largest donation to a student society in DCU, from Sun Microsystems)
arrived in April 2001 and went online as \"Prodigy\".

Several years later, Redbrick was running on a Sun T2000 donated by
colmmacc, and a pair of Dell Poweredge 2650s. A pair of encom disk heavy
boxes were both during 2007, one to take over login, and increase users
quotas, and one to finally replace enigma, running backups (although,
the only original bit of enigma at that point was the case.). The year
after, a pair of sun boxes (morpheus and daniel, named after dream from
sandman) were bought, one to take over primary services, and one to
allow users to play with VMs. A pair of dell poweredge thingies (that\'s
a technical term) were also bought off to do localbackups
(when not refusing to boot) and adminy stuff respectively.

### Education

Helpdesk tutorials, Open labs, System Adminstrator & Webmaster tests,
helpdesk webpages & wiki, student projects (CA class)

\[ In progress page by kpodesta - due to be finished August 2006. Stick
in whatever you want though! Word. \]

[Category:Redbrick History](/Category:Redbrick_History "wikilink")

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1. REDIRECT [Academic Research](/Academic_Research "wikilink")

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Postgraduate study is any study after your basic degree, be that
science, engineering, arts, etc. There are two main options:

Masters (, M.eng., M.A, etc.)

A Masters is usually one year long, and it qualifies you as someone with
an \"in-depth\" knowledge of a particular field. To get a Masters,
you\'re required to show that you have a detailed knowledge of that
particular field. There are two types of Masters, \'Taught\' and

- Taught
- Has the same academic year & same format as your basic degree
(e.g. semesterised, lectures, exams)
- Just like a year\'s extension of college, only typically harder
- Typically there is a project/dissertation at the end (e.g. 3 or
4 months to complete)
- Research
- Very different to your basic degree, no structure, lectures, or
- You have to conduct independent research, perform experiments,
read/write academic papers
- Your work is submitted in the form of a thesis (longer than a
- You are allocated a supervisor who will help you, and will guide
your research, criticize your work. etc.

Doctorate (Ph.D.)

A Doctorate usually takes a minimum of 3 years, and typically around 4
years full-time, and it qualifies you to be a professional researcher.
To get a doctorate, you need to make \"an original contribution to
knowledge\". That is, they\'re not content with you knowing a lot of
stuff, you have to show something that no-one in your field, anywhere,
has shown before. You could typically do this by applying a new method
to an old area, an old method to a new area, or a new method to a new
area! Or something like that. The Doctorate also should prepare you for
life as an academic: writing reports, scientific papers, meeting
deadlines, interacting with other researchers at conferences, etc.

Academic Life

The academic life can be a dream or a horror, depending on who you talk
to. Due to the lack of a structured work day, typically academics can
come in (and leave) at whatever time they want, or take coffee breaks
whenever they want. On the other hand, there are deadlines to meet in
the form of theses, reports, papers, grant submissions. You could be
working with the hottest equipment, or the shittest equipment. Academics
can be harsh critics, and you will almost certainly have to defend your
work on a regular basis through argument. You will be mostly expected to
be able to work on your own (people are generally busy with their own
things, and people helping people isn\'t always something that happens
as fluidly as it should). Money isn\'t super at all (unless you\'ve got
a great grant, you work in a loaded Research institute, or you\'re a
Professor), but it can all depend on the research lab you are in! On the
plus side, it can of course be exhilarating to witness a result that
nobody has before, or to feel you are on the edge of scientific
knowledge - but there is a tradeoff you have to consider; academic life
is not necessarily for everyone!

Brickies in Research

- dever (Computing, DCU)
- geekity (Physics, DCU)
- tree (Biology, DCU)

[Category:Jobs](/Category:Jobs "wikilink")

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Account_Customisation_(zsh).md View File

@@ -0,0 +1,236 @@
This page contains information on how to customise your .zsh shell

Changing The Command Prompt

Right, you\'ve seen you friends with colour command prompts showing them
who is heying them with lots of other bells and whistles and you wanna
be part of the \"cool\" gang. Unfortunately you\'ve just gotten your
account and it\'s\... kinda plain. Well then you\'ve come to the right
place. The first thing we\'re going to do is show you how to set your
own command prompt message. This is very easy to do, simply exporting a
system variable as follows:

`receive@murphy (~) % export PS1="[zsh prompt]>"`\
`[zsh prompt]> export RPS1="[right side prompt]"`\
`[zsh prompt]>                           [right side prompt]`

All we have done here is exported the two variables for the left side of
the command prompt (PS1) and the right side of the command prompt
(RPS1). You can add these two commands to your .zshrc so that your
command prompts will be set like so every time you log in. Just place
these lines in your .zshrc:

`export PS1="Your Left Side Command Prompt ==>"`\
`export RPS1="Your Right Side Command Prompt ==>"`

and then source your .zshrc by typing:

`source .zshrc`

Using zsh escape sequences

zsh has some system escape sequences which can be used in your command
prompt also. These sequences are special characters which relate to
system properties. They can be included in your command prompts to make
your prompt more dynamic. Some of the common escape sequences are:

Property Escape Sequence
-------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------
Your current working directory relative to /home/ \%d
Your current working directory relative to /home/member/u/username \%\~
Begin and end bold print \%B\....%b
Begin and end underlined print \%U\....%u
server name, eg - \%M
The part of the hostname up to the first . - murphy \%m
Your Login Name \%n
System time in HH:mm format \%T
System time in HH:mm:ss format \%\*
Today\'s Date in YY-MM-DD \%D
Your current tty e.g. pts/100 \%l

Including these in your command prompt exports allows you to have a
clock on your command prompt which updates every time you press return,
and you can see your current working directory to save you typing
\"pwd\" every time you forget where you are. e.g.

`receive@murphy (~) % export PS1="[%B%n%b @ %M]>"`\
`[receive @ murphy]> export RPS1="[%* on %D]"`\
`[receive @ murphy]>           [12:00:00 on 02-05-15]`

Adding colours to the command prompt

Its still looking kinda plain isn\'t it? Maybe we could add some colours
to it to see what we can do. zsh has another special set of escape
characters specifically for printing colours at the prompt and we can
also add these sequences to our PS1/RPS1 variables.

At this point it gets a little more complicated. But with a little
perseverance you can have your own customised and coloured account. The
following are the escape sequences for creating the coloured text.

Colour Escape Sequence
---------------- -----------------
Red text \%{\\e\[1;31m%}
Green text \%{\\e\[1;32m%}
Yellow text \%{\\e\[1;33m%}
Blue text \%{\\e\[1;34m%}
Pink text \%{\\e\[1;35m%}
Cyan text \%{\\e\[1;36m%}
Grey text \%{\\e\[1;37m%}
Grey text \%{\\e\[1;38m%}
Grey text \%{\\e\[1;39m%}
Dark grey text \%{\\e\[1;30m%}
Back to normal \%{\\e\[0m%}

Here\'s the tricky part. These colour escapes sequences have to be
printed to the prompt within the export command. Here\'s the syntax for
making a red word in the left command prompt:

`receive@murphy (~) % export PS1="[$(print '%{\e[1;31m%}%n%{\e[0m%}') @ %M]>"`

What this command means is:

`export PS1="`

export the variable


print the opening \'\[\'

`$(print '%{\e[1;31m%}`

print the escape for \"RED\" to the prompt


the escape for username to the prompt


print the escape to return to normal text

`@ %M]>"`

finish printing prompt message.


This is just a sample of how you can make your account \"look\" better.
there are plenty more tricks which can be added to your account, to
customize it for what you need. For example, placing a precmd in your
.zshrc can dynamically generate the command prompt, every time you press
the enter key. Why would you do this, you might ask? Won\'t it slow down
my prompt and run a process every time I hit the return button for a new
line? (Yes, but\...) Well let\'s say you wanted to know, at a glance,
whether your mesg status was \'n\' or \'y\'. A precmd could generate a
message as part of your command prompt, every time you pressed enter, to
let you know your message status. Placing the following lines in your
.zshrc file will accomplish just that.

`export PS1="[%n @ %M]>"     #normal left prompt with name and server`

`#create dynamic right prompt with date and message status`\
`function precmd    {`\
``        export RPS1="(%D)[mesg `mesg`]"  ``\

Auto completion

You may have noticed that zsh supports command auto-completion (as do
most Bourne-compatible shells). For example if you type \"cd pu\" and
press \<-TAB-\> it will automatically complete the command for you to
\"cd public_html\". If you also have a directory called \"pubs\" then
auto-complete will give you a list of all possible completions to what
you have already typed. You can specify your own auto-completions to the
command prompt in your .zshrc also. Maybe you\'re just lazy and don\'t
want to have to type your friend\'s username when you\'re spying on
him/her. In this case you could set up and auto completion list from
your .friends file. e.g.

`` function userlist { reply=(`cat ~/.friends`); }  ``\
`#generates a list of usernames from your .friends file`\
` `\
`compctl -K userlist hey `\
`#adds this list of names to auto completion for the command "hey `<username>`"`

`compctl -K userlist ps -fU `\
`#adds this list of names to auto completion for the command "ps -fU `<username>`"`\
`set COMPLETE_ALIASES      #adds the alias`

So say I\'m the only person in your .friends file whose username begins
with \"c\". Typing \"ps -fU r\<-TAB-\>\" will auto-complete to \"ps -fU
receive\" (NB\* this will also work for an alias of that command if you
have one set). This can be convenient if you have a list of commands
that you use on a regular basis for which aliases would be unsuitable.
zsh message (exporting ARGV0)

Removing the help message

Everytime you sign into redbrick, you get the help message.\
If you\'re tired of seeing this all you need to do is add a file called
.nohelp in your home directory. You can use the touch command to create
a blank file.

`receive@murphy (~) % touch .nohelp`

Customised zsh messages

You may have seen when you \"spy\" on another user\'s processes that
they have a customised zsh message in the process list. More and more
people do this as an added customisation (and annoyance ;)) to their

`receive@murphy (~) % ps -fU receive`\
`UID        PID  PPID  C STIME TTY          TIME CMD`\
`receive   2120  2118  0 Feb09 pts/212  00:00:01 -zsh`\
`receive  16581  2120  0 02:00 pts/212  00:00:00 ps -fU receive`

`receive@murphy (~) % ARGV0='Custom Message' exec zsh`

`receive@murphy (~) % ps -fU receive`\
`UID        PID  PPID  C STIME TTY          TIME CMD`\
`receive   2120  2118  0 Feb09 pts/212  00:00:02 Custom Message`\
`receive  22095  2120  0 02:06 pts/212  00:00:00 ps -fU receive`

The command ARGV0=\'Custom Message\' exec zsh changes the default
message from -zsh to whatever you want. If you want this to be set
everytime you login to redbrick, you can place the command in a file
called .zlogin in your home directory. This file automatically gets
sourced, when you exec a login session on the system.

**Be Careful:**

If you are going to use a .zlogin file with the ARGV0 variable exported
to something else, then you should take any commands from your .zshrc
file, which print information to the screen and move them into your
.zlogin instead. The reason for this is that when you log in, the system

- source your .zshrc
- source your .zlogin containing - ARGV0=\"\" exec zsh
- source your .zshrc again - because of the exec zsh in .zlogin

If there were any commands in your .zshrc that printed to the screen,
rbusers for example, then they would end up printing twice. So for any
programs which you want to print to the command prompt at login. You
should place them in your .zlogin.

Also be aware that resetting ARGV0 from its unset state will annoy some
programs, most notably mv and cp, which will complain that the command
is not of the right format. To get around this, do unset ARGV0, and then
(if you must) reset the ARGV0 to its original value by either running
ARGV0=\'Custom Message\' exec zsh or sourcing your .zlogin file.

If you have any problems or mess something up and need help, just talk
to [Helpdesk](/Helpdesk "wikilink").

[Category:Helpdesk](/Category:Helpdesk "wikilink")

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@@ -0,0 +1,174 @@
This page is a list of acronyms which are commonly used on redbrick, and
the internet in general.

If strong language offends you, turn back now!

The tool **wtf**, located in */usr/games*, will decipher many commonly
used acronyms for you.

| - ***afaik*** | - ***np*** - | \'\'\'\'\' - | - ***\<3*** - |
| - | no problem | yes really | a heart, |
| as far as I | | | implying |
| know | <!-- --> | | love, |
| | | | liking or |
| <!-- --> | - ***NSFW*** | | agreement |
| | - | | |
| - ***afk*** - | not safe | | |
| away from | for work | | |
| keyboard | | | |
| | <!-- --> | | |
| <!-- --> | | | |
| | - ***omg*** - | | |
| - ***asap*** | oh my god | | |
| - | | | |
| as soon as | <!-- --> | | |
| possible | | | |
| | - ***orly?*** | | |
| <!-- --> | - | | |
| | oh | | |
| - ***asl*** - | really?(pai | | |
| age/sex/loc | red | | |
| ation | with yarly) | | |
| | | | |
| <!-- --> | <!-- --> | | |
| | | | |
| - ***bbl/s*** | - ***PEBCAK** | | |
| - | * - | | |
| be back | problem | | |
| later/soon | exists | | |
| | between | | |
| <!-- --> | chair and | | |
| | keyboard | | |
| - ***bg*** - | | | |
| bad game | <!-- --> | | |
| | | | |
| <!-- --> | - ***pita*** | | |
| | - | | |
| - ***bj*** - | pain in the | | |
| bon joue | arse | | |
| | | | |
| <!-- --> | <!-- --> | | |
| | | | |
| - ***brb*** - | - ***pmsl*** | | |
| be right | - | | |
| back | pissing | | |
| | myself | | |
| <!-- --> | laughing | | |
| | | | |
| - ***btw*** - | <!-- --> | | |
| by the way | | | |
| | - ***pw*** - | | |
| <!-- --> | password | | |
| | | | |
| - ***diaf*** | <!-- --> | | |
| - | | | |
| die in a | - ***qft*** - | | |
| fire | quoted for | | |
| | truth | | |
| <!-- --> | | | |
| | <!-- --> | | |
| - ***ffs*** - | | | |
| for fuck | - ***rofl*** | | |
| sake | - | | |
| | rolling on | | |
| <!-- --> | the floor | | |
| | laughing(ca | | |
| - ***ftw*** - | n | | |
| for the win | be combined | | |
| | with lmao - | | |
| <!-- --> | roflmao) | | |
| | | | |
| - ***ftl*** - | <!-- --> | | |
| for the | | | |
| lose | - ***rtfm*** | | |
| | - | | |
| <!-- --> | read the | | |
| | fucking | | |
| - ***gl*** - | manual | | |
| good luck | | | |
| | <!-- --> | | |
| <!-- --> | | | |
| | - ***stfu*** | | |
| - ***gg*** - | - | | |
| good game | shut the | | |
| | fuck up | | |
| <!-- --> | | | |
| | <!-- --> | | |
| - ***gtfo*** | | | |
| - | - ***tb(q/f)h | | |
| get the | *** - | | |
| fuck out | to be | | |
| | (quite/fuck | | |
| <!-- --> | ing) | | |
| | honest | | |
| - ***gtg*** - | | | |
| got to go | <!-- --> | | |
| | | | |
| <!-- --> | - ***ttfn*** | | |
| | - | | |
| - ***hf*** - | ta ta for | | |
| have fun | now | | |
| | | | |
| <!-- --> | <!-- --> | | |
| | | | |
| - ***idk*** - | - ***ttyl*** | | |
| I don\'t | - | | |
| know | talk to you | | |
| | later | | |
| <!-- --> | | | |
| | <!-- --> | | |
| - ***iirc*** | | | |
| - | - ***ty*** - | | |
| if I recall | thank you | | |
| correctly | | | |
| | <!-- --> | | |
| <!-- --> | | | |
| | - ***waf*** - | | |
| - ***irl*** - | what a fag | | |
| in real | | | |
| life | <!-- --> | | |
| | | | |
| <!-- --> | - ***wb*** - | | |
| | welcome | | |
| - ***jk*** - | back | | |
| just | | | |
| kidding | <!-- --> | | |
| | | | |
| <!-- --> | - ***w/e*** - | | |
| | whatever | | |
| - ***lol*** - | | | |
| laughing | <!-- --> | | |
| out loud | | | |
| | - ***wtf*** - | | |
| <!-- --> | what the | | |
| | fuck | | |
| - ***lulz*** | | | |
| - | <!-- --> | | |
| a different | | | |
| way of | - ***w8*** - | | |
| saying lol | wait | | |
| | | | |
| <!-- --> | \*\'\'\'\'\'yar | | |
| | ly | | |
| - ***lmao*** | | | |
| - | | | |
| laughing my | | | |
| ass off(can | | | |
| be combined | | | |
| with rofl - | | | |
| roflmao) | | | |
| | | | |
| <!-- --> | | | |
| | | | |
| - ***MDR*** - | | | |
| morir de | | | |
| rire | | | |
| | | | |
| <!-- --> | | | |
| | | | |
| - ***nm*** - | | | |
| never mind | | | |

: Acronyms:

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\"There is no argument. We know. We\'ve told you we know. You know we
know. We don\'t care. We\'ve told you we don\'t care. You know we don\'t
care.\" Is there any part of that you don\'t understand?\"

`   - DrJolt, ref. Julie Incident, The`

This is the sort of thing admins can say to people. They can also get
away with it. For admins are the ultimate power, they have the ability
to insert/delete accounts at will. They have excercised this ability.

They have the ability to maim and brutalise poor users who\'ve stepped
out of line, as they are the types who eat pint glasses (ref. Wibble),
wear sandals in the rain (ref. Grimnar), run down a hill screaming at
you with chainmail and a big fuck-off sword (ref. Valen), cause weaker
users to run screaming from their terminals with a crushing sarcasm
(ref. DrJolt), and \*shock\* \*horror\* eat breakfast cereal with orange
juice ! ;o\* (ref. Cthulhu).

\"My God!\", you cry. Who gave these mad, mad loonies this power then?
Well, you did, or rather, if you\'re a fresher, last year\'s membership
did :) So next time you think about messing about. Erm, think again.
It\'s not so much physical these days, as most of the admins these days
are allergic to moving, but don\'t bet on not feeling that tap on your
shoulder, and the sickening beep of your connection dropping :)


Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")

[Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")

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### What is RedBrick?

Full version of Campus article from September 2009.

\"What is RedBrick?\" - this is the age-old query which has plagued the
DCU Networking Society for years. RedBrick is such a diverse society
that a million monkeys working on a million typewriters for a million
years might reproduce the works of Shakespeare, but they\'ll never come
up with a concise explanation as to what RedBrick is.

Simply put, RedBrick is a rather big social society with a slant on
computers and technology. We host a plethora of techy events designed to
entertain and educate anyone and everyone, including cinema trips, pub
nights and tutorials and workshops on programming, web design and
graphic design. Expect to see the return of the annual RedBrick
Freshers\' Ball (booze! booze! booze!) and the table quiz; last year,
the quiz saw members having prizes practically thrown at them, with Sega
Mega Drives, portable hard drives, Lucky Charms cereal and plenty of
spot prizes being won. We also raffled off a brand new Eee PC laptop.

At the start of 2009, over twenty Brickies went to Finland - birthplace
of the Linux kernel - to mess about in massive technology museums,
employ stealth and cunning in a battle to snow each other into our
cabins and feast on reindeer and mead in a Viking restaurant (all while
being quite drunk).

RedBrick isn\'t just about events though; we are lucky enough to own our
own servers on which we host the services used daily by our members: IRC
(Internet Relay Chat - our most popular service, as it\'s great for
putting off assignments until the last minute, waffling about
whatever\'s on your mind and meeting new people),webspace (host your own
website with massive amounts of storage space), forums/message boards,
the photo gallery and your own e-mail address. We also
have our own wiki site (, where all members can
create/edit/vandalise pages on whatever you feel like. You can access
all of these services from any computer connected to the Internet.

Networking societies are to be found all over the country, and RedBrick
- as part of the Intersocs network - is often found mingling with other
nerds from Trinity, DIT, NUI Maynooth and University of Limerick, both
at Intersocs events and in the IRC channel.

So, if you want to make new friends, talk about anything that\'s on your
mind, or just get twisted because you have nothing better to do with
your time, RedBrick has something to offer you.

Justin / cain

Illustrious Chairman, Justin/[Cain](/User:_Cain "wikilink"), originally
joined redbrick to write an article for An Tarbh.

Just to correct this. I initially joined because a cute girl in my class
joined up. She never renewed after her first year as it happens. I was
bored one day, logged on and thought to myself, \'I could write a poorly
written and amateurish account of this evening\'s entertainment\'. And
so\.... - Cain

### I was a BBS Virgin, by \'Caine\'

There are many despised sub-cultures clinging to existence on campus.
From the DBES to CS students, these groups, ostracised from normal
society, carry on their lives away from public scrutiny. One of these
groups, perhaps the most secretive of them all, are those whose only
interaction with society is on the BBS. I\'m sure you\'ve seen them,
huddled over their monitors in the computer rooms talking and laughing
to themselves as they send off another hilarious missive to their fellow
nerds across campus. Therefore in the interests of investigative
journalism, and to alleviate the boredom of a rainy afternoon, I donned
the sobriquet \'Caine\' and went undercover on the BBS to discover just
what it is that is so funny.

The first thing I noticed as I logged on was the warm reception I got.
Despite not knowing what was going on I was warmly welcomed into their
society. I spent the first few minutes in observation, trying to follow
their conversation, which seemed to centre on one user called
\'Rabbit\'. Bored to tears I changed the topic to the proposed November
14 SU walkout in an effort to find out if anybody was angry. Instead, I
got an alternative plan that the SU would do well to consider, \"kidnap
Danny O\'Hare and hold him to ransom\".

It was at this stage that I was approached by another user, \'Thalia\',
with whom I spent the next fifteen minutes arguing about the Union and
why it never did anything, etc. This conversation challenged my
perceptions that these people knew nothing about what happened outside
of the computer rooms as I was roundly thrashed before Thalia departed
leaving me alone as all others had voted with their e-mail and slipped
away from politics to another chat-room. Not knowing how anything
worked, I spent the next five minutes trying to find the group again,
which leaves me to thank \'Dauphin\' for letting me in. Unfortunately,
before I could press my advantage Dauphin had been stolen away by
Mulder, from the Grattan building so I didn\'t get to experience what
this cybersex is all about, but I did watch with interest as Dauphin and
Mulder fornicated like rabbits over the next few minutes.

Meanwhile a fight had broken out between Jacques and Ericc that seemed
to be covering up a mountain of sexual tension between them. Egged on,
however by Bernice and Poster, Jacques found it difficult to be honest
with Erricc and she took refuge in vague insinuations about the size of
Ericc\'s equipment ( which is rather small by her accounts). In the end,
of course, love won out and in a bizarre menage a quartre with Poster,
Bernice and Jacuques and with me looking on interestedly, Ericc did the
business and departed pronouncing himself well satisfied with the nights
work. Dauphin and Mulder continued to exchange poetry and smoke the
proverbial cigarette for the next few minutes before they too departed
leaving me alone with Poster, Jacques and Bernice. Needless to say I
quickly departed the hormone filled chat room and scurried home.

So the \$64,000 dollar question, does it beat the bar? On the downside
there is no alcohol, a point which cannot be under-emphasised, and it is
very difficult to meet members of the opposite sex for anything more
than fevered typing. On the upside the inhabitants are friendly and they
talk the same bullshit sober that most of us need alcohol to talk. They
also talk about the same things we do, politics, sex, genital size,
Jacque\'s astonishing knowledge of sexual innuendo and the power
rangers. I would highly recommend a look if any of the said topics
interest you. But be warned, it may be sad but it is addictive. Thanks
to everyone I mentioned in this article and the few I didn\'t.


Kevin / kevd

At phaxx\'s suggestion, Campus (the weekly students\' union magazine)
found a RedBrick virgin and asked them to join up and write about their
experience. It was published on April 9th, 2007.

### Campus Dares You! (to use RedBrick)

[right\|300px](/Image:Campus_kevd_article.png "wikilink")

There are a lot of fun or even scary things that you could be dared to
do in life - a bungee jump, an open-mic night or even sword fighting -
so when I was asked to live my life through redbrick for a few days I
have to say I was hugely under whelmed.

First off, for me Redbrick in DCU meant the outer walls of Hampstead not
a second dimension where computer students seem to spend all their time.
Redbrick is in its own words: a computer network in DCU, run by students
for the students.Basically, hundreds of students log on everyday to
chat, put up pictures and podcasts and to have good gossip it appears.

Now its not that I\'m a technophobe, I just get bored with the whole
computer thing. My college house has a grand collection of a Nintendo
64, PS2, Wii and the latest addition of a PS3 but I\'d be hard fought to
get engrossed in any of them so starting out redbrick proved a bit of a
logistical nightmare. To be honest I didnt even know what tbh meant.

Admittedly, I had preconceptions of the type of people who sit around
all day on what I would best describe as a super advanced and less
colourful version of Bebo. I had images of a style society
where people discussed the finer points of Pythagoras\' theorem while
reflecting on some show about gigabytes they saw on the Discovery
channel last night.

That was mistake number one. Mistake number two was not being armed with
a pseudonym when the ever helpful Charlie in clubs and socs set up my
account. Put on the stop I opted for kevd only later to discover that
nobody operated under an identifiable name, instead choosing alter egos
like phaxx, munky or duke. Nevertheless, I eventually logged onto
Murphy, the central server where the action happens.

The busiest part of life on Redbrick is the chat room where people seem
to stay all day discussing just about anything that crosses their minds
and generally people have no problem speaking their minds. I\'m guessing
from a general reaction that my sudden presence on Redbrick caused a few
to questions as to my motive, suggesting that as an online community it
has a number of cliques and it wasn\'t long before I was told \"Union
hacks out\". But people mostly just wanted to discuss dinner plans, the
true meaning of OH (thats hydroxide not water as was established after
some debate!) and even where to get fairtrade Easter eggs.

But if my couple of days of red- bricking have taught me anything its
that redbrick is gossip central and has no shortage of bitchiness. At
1:24pm on Tuesday, theycould tell me that exactly 542 people had voted
in the SU elections. Apparently, short skirts get votes, if the
candidate is decent looking, because SU elections are according to
redbrick a beauty contest. And if you\'ve ever wondered what happened to
former president Paul May I can officially tell you that he did the
Blackrock triathlon in June last year, followed by the Chicago one in
August and he spent New Years in Berlin. Bebo wouldnt have half of it!

However, while Redbrick does seem to be at the pulse of everything
happening in DCU (as I write a discussion is brewing as to why Lord of
the Rings music is playing in the Hub - \"coz it\'s full of nerds\") I
do worry a little that many of its users have never heard of 3 euro
Tuesday or Desperate Housewives. After several drinks in the Hub I
discover that 53 people are still online at 4am in the morning. Most may
not be active but they are still logged in - mistake number three.

Kevin Doyle, Victim

[Category:Redbrick History](/Category:Redbrick_History "wikilink")

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__NOTOC__ **Asplodey \~**



Bluesocket Wireless Thing


BSD Mostly


Pentium 4




20Gb IDE


3x Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports


Ill tempered and smokey


Crypto Card

The Name:

Is very fitting. See description


[thumb\|rightThe](/Image:Asplodey.jpg "wikilink") donation of Aspoldey
was secured through phaxx in 2006, and it arrived sometime after this.
The first time it was plugged in the psu exploded. For sometime it sat
in the room waiting for someone to attempt to fix it. Early in 2008
receive found and purchased a shuttle power supply that could be made to
fit the odd case design.

After the PSU arrived werdz took the machine home to fit the new PSU and
\"make it fit\". Before he completed this work the [Great Hack of
2008](/Great_Hack_of_2008 "wikilink") occured and it was pretty much
forgotten about for a while. Around August receive picked up the machine
and completed the work on it.

However, it became obvious that the thing was pretty damn un-reliable,
possibly due to it\'s earlier explosion. It had a tendancy to randomly
reboot, not turn on & burned out at least one hard drive. About the same
time [sprout](/sprout "wikilink") arrived it was decided to get rid of

[Category:Hardware](/Category:Hardware "wikilink")

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@@ -0,0 +1,46 @@
When you first sign up to Redbrick and your account is created, all mail
sent to your Redbrick email address is forwarded to your DCU email

While this is in place, there won\'t be a Mailbox for you on Redbrick\'s
servers. Your mail will not be stored on Redbrick so you will be unable
to use Redbrick webmail to access your messages.

Disabling the default forward

If you want to disable email forwarding for your account, there are 2
ways to do this:

- Run the following command at a shell:


- Delete the \'.forward\' file in your home directory:

`rm ~/.forward`

Once this is done, the next piece of mail to arrive should create your
Mailbox on redbrick, and you will be able to access your mails using
[mutt](/mutt "wikilink") or via the webmail interface.

Setting a new forward

Setting your redbrick email to forward to another address is quite

Create a file in your home directory called \'.forward\' and put the
email address you want your mail to forward to on the first line. If you
want to keep a copy in your redbrick mailbox too, you can add \\username
on the next line (where username is your redbrick username.

Save the file, and email forwarding should now be active.

To quickly set up forwarding you can also type:

`echo "" > ~/.forward`

at your shell and it\'ll all be done in one step.

[Category:Helpdesk](/Category:Helpdesk "wikilink")

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Avatar - Redbrick\'s very own word for \"Troll\". If you are refered to
as \"an Avatar\", it\'s a bad sign. You are obviously posting absolute
bollox to the BBS, in an attempt to rile the members, and satisfy your
own inadequacies by pointing out that they are all \"loser nerds\".

Avatar was around in 1996/97, and has not been seen since (well, not on
Redbrick anyway).

Avatar graduated this year.

\--Spock Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")

[Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")

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One of the major problems facing any society that grows to the size and
importance of Redbrick is internal administration. The Avocado was an
attempt by a group of [admins](/Admins "wikilink") to form a body to
discuss technical administrative issues relating to Redbrick. Due to
unfortunate miscommunication, paranoia and possibly pride, there was a
great deal of disagreement between the \"Avocado\" and the
[Committee](/Committee "wikilink"), relating to the issue of unelected
[admins](/Admins "wikilink"). Neither side wanted to back down, and both
held views which offended the other. In the end, a kludged compromise
was agreed to by both sides, and the matter has gone into the limbo
known as the \"summer holidays\". The final structure of the new
technical body is as yet undecided, or at the very least, undisclosed.

The Avocado consisted of Cthulhu, Whc, Valen, Bobb, Spinal, Grimnar,
Pooka and DrJolt. Singer was undefined in his status. Doc\'s presence
was also a point of disagreement. Cthulhu was \"chairman\". Grimnar was
the \"secretary\".

The Avocado was one of Redbrick\'s greatest missed opportunities, but
hopefully some system can be created that will accomodate both sides,
and be effective.



Just a few wee things that need to be fleshed out. The Avocado was the
name given by Valen to a body known as the [Admin](/Admins "wikilink")
Sub-Committee. The idea behind such a thing was to allow Redbrick\'s
[Admins](/Admins "wikilink"), past and present to have a forum for the
discussion of technical matters to do with the system\'s software,
hardware and the future of the Society\'s technical side. On paper it
sounded like a damn-fine \'Wish we\'d thought of it idea\' but, without
wanting to get into a bitch-fest about this, a one-armed mental retard
could have handled a basketball better than some people chose to handle
this idea.

Just to correct what Sares said there were differences between the
Avocado and the [Committee](/Committee "wikilink"), but on many more
issues than that of \'unelected [admins](/Admins "wikilink")\' though
that was one of the major ones. A sad lack of communication and the
refusal of some people on BOTH sides of the arguement to, let alone see
the other side\'s point of view, but even to admit that people on the
other side had a right to a view led to an increasing amount of
bitterness about it. Then, happily, personal differences came into it
with an effect similar to forcing an Orange March thru Crossmaglen on
Easter Sunday.

Over a series of Committee meetings, Avocado meetings, one-on-one
negotiations in darkened rooms and arm-twisting in pubs on a scale not
seen since they did away with Grattan\'s Parliament the situation was
\'defused\' leaving behind a residue of mistrust and bad feelings that,
sadly, have continued to exist in Redbrick \'leadership\' circles.

The Avocado Crises was not the fault of any one person (Though there are
many people who would disagree with that and have very set and differing
ideas of whose fault it was) or any one issue but was simply the result
of poor handling of the situation in the setting up of the Avocado by
its membership and then an escalation of poor handling on both sides,
dreadful miscommunication and a powerful set of personal grudges and
personality clashes.

Currently the situation is in a holding pattern, though most of the
bitterness has been allowed to dissipate. All sides agree that the
[Admins](/Admins "wikilink") need a forum of sorts to allow them to
perform to their utmost but what shape this forum will take and what its
powers and membership will be has not been resolved and for the good of
the Society the protagonists will sort it, and themselves out over the



It should be noted that only a subset of the list of advocado members
were actually leading the movement - I for one thought the way the
ringleaders approached the whole \"We are a subcommittee\" notion was
less than sensbile, and the only real reason I was in any way associated
was my desire to have input into the [admin](/Admins "wikilink")


Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")

[Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")

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__NOTOC__ **Azazel \~**



Dell PowerEdge R515


Ubuntu 14.04


2 x AMD Opteron 4180 @ 2.6Ghz




Dell PERC H200 Integrated RAID Controller


2 x 146GB 15,000 RPM SAS in RAID 1


[Worf](/Worf "wikilink")


Internal SATA DVD+/-RW


2x Onboard Ethernet


Azazel was purchased using a grant during the 2010/2011 academic year.
It was opened to users for testing on the 17th of February 2011 and was
officially launched as our primary login server on the 22nd of April
2011. On this date it also became the host machine for our DAS
[Worf](/Worf "wikilink").


- Serves /home and /webtree over NFS.
- Primary login machine.

[Category:Hardware](/Category:Hardware "wikilink")

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@@ -0,0 +1,172 @@
__NOTOC__ **B4 \~**



Dell PowerEdge 2650


FreeBSD 8.0


2 x 2.4Ghz Intel Pentium 4 Xeon




Onboard PERC RAID controller


OnBoard Untrawide SCSI controller


2x 73Gb 10,000 RPM SCSI Disks


Internal IDE CDROM


Internal FDE Floppy


2x Gigabit Ethernet BroadCom


1x Mutilated Intel Gigabit card


Onboard Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC) for remote management.


Extra serial ports + controller, stolen from sprout

The Name:

Named after the slightly stupider twin android out of Star Trek:
Nemesis, to reflect it being the slightly stupider twin in it\'s pair.


[thumb\|rightB](/Image:B4.jpg "wikilink")4 was purchased for a
rediculously small sum (154.395 Euro) from the Dell warehouse auction,
after the Dell plant in Limerick closed. It\'s being used as a
replacement management server, replacing Sprout (which in turn replaced
welmar last year, and was never particularly good at\\...running).

It currently has a malfunctioning internal fan, so every 2 minutes (give
or take), it decides something\'s wrong, spins all the other fans up to
full power, flashes bright orange and displays warnings on its little
LCD screen. A replacement fan has been ordered off eBay.


- Serial consoles for things-that-support-serial-access
- Gateway to the management network
- Nagios
- VPN tunnel to [Severus](/Severus "wikilink"), which lives in the CSD
server room in the library.
- Remote logging

[Category:Hardware](/Category:Hardware "wikilink")

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BBS - The very mention of this word has been known to bring tears to
many an eye. The original Redbrick discussion boards, which preceded the
current crop of newsgroups. But a lot more besides. Apart from the fact
that it included e-mail, chat, monitoring system, and all sorts of other
options, it instilled an atmosphere on the system which has yet to be
matched. But yes, it was technically crap, and thus resigned to the
trash heap.


Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")

[Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")

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BBS_Postathon_of_1997, View File

@@ -0,0 +1,35 @@
What happens when you get 3 or 4 semi-drunk and bored people during Rag
Week \'97, and a [BBS](/BBS "wikilink") system which it is rumoured
crashes if more than 1024 posts are put on any one board? :)

With Wibble\'s blessing (well, not blessing, but for once he didn\'t
give out to us :) ), Spock, Ronan, and someone else, who I don\'t
remember, started posting absolute crap to the babble board. (This is
NOT to be condoned in the present day. Since the input of too many
[Avatars](/Avatar "wikilink") to mention in the last couple of years,
things have changed, and the maturity level seems to have dropped off a
cliff.) At first, it started as a conversation, but then we realised it
could be turned into a full scale Rag Week event.

And it did. People came, people saw, people posted, people went. It was
getting tiring after about 500 postings, but then Plop got involved.
Trust him to write a script which automatically logs into the
[BBS](/BBS "wikilink") and makes a few postings at a time. The 1000 mark
was quickly upon us, and very soon well exceeded even our best
expectations. Much to our dismay, we failed to crash the
[BBS](/BBS "wikilink") system. I believe we departed for the bar, the
rest is a blur.



There was a bet between myself and Wibble as to whether the
[BBS](/BBS "wikilink") would withstand the strain. I won the grand sum
of 20p on that particular wager.


Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")

[Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")

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Baby, View File

@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
Michael Hanley was born on February 26th 1998 in a backarse Mayo
Hospital. He weighed in at 7lb 12ozs. His parents are no other than the
great Hairy Scary Wibble (now just known as Wibble) and his mother is
the ever name changing Sarah (former
sarah/moaner/neid/grommit/gromit/sarah). If you want to get more info
look at his mom\'s webpage at \[\~sarah\].


Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")

[Category:Encyclopedia](/Category:Encyclopedia "wikilink")

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@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
The Redbrick Band was considered by DoC and lithium, and then again with
the addition of nemo. It is known that Redbrick has members that are
quite musically talented, and the challenge is to put together a song
that is recorded by Redbrick members, preferably without playing
together during the recordings (i.e. we play in the dank depths of our
own rooms and upload instrument tracks for compilation).

Musicians So Far

Here is a list of volunteers and people who were selected as volunteers.
They may not know that they\'re in a band but who cares tbh. Please add
musical skillz as appropriate. kcheerz bai.

- - DoC: bass guitar
- lithium: rhythm guitar and backing vocals
- gizmo: lead guitar
- nemo: lead guitar
- atlas: vocals
- train: triangle
- abolo: rhythm and some fancy picking
- dregin: drums

Our Crew

So far, attol has been selected for our public relations officer. Again,
she may not be aware of this.

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@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
Bourne-again shell

[bash]( is the name of a free Unix
shell written for the GNU Project. It can be used instead of the
[zsh](/zsh "wikilink") shell (which is the default on RedBrick). E-mail
[helpdesk](/helpdesk "wikilink").

[RedBrick bash]( is a rip-off of
[]( Here you can submit quotes from IRC or
anywhere RedBrick-related which you consider funny.

[Category:Humour](/Category:Humour "wikilink")

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@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
I work a 4 and a half day work pattern, 9 9 9 9 and 4, it\'s long days
but a half day Friday. i rarely do just 4 hours but it does mean I get 4
day weekends every bank holiday as we work up the hours.

So we either do 9 9 9 9 0 in week 1 and then BH Monday 9 9 9 8 in week 2
or we do 9 9 9 9 8 in week 1, 9 9 9 9 0 in week 2 and then BH Monday 9 9
9 4 in week 3. It depends on our pay periods.

Either way I work way too hard, for not enough money and if anyone needs
an environmental consultant I\'m your gal.

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1. REDIRECT [Bertie Ahern Visit](/Bertie_Ahern_Visit "wikilink")

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@@ -0,0 +1,144 @@
An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, visited Redbrick on the 21st May 2001. He
came as a guest to a press conference to launch Redbrick\'s new Sun
Enterprise 450 server (, donated to the society
by Sun Microsystems. He also congratulated the society on it\'s recent
achievements (winning the [Best Society](/Best_Society "wikilink") in
DCU, working with both the Access Office and Community Office in DCU to
promote computing through \"open labs\"), and was presented with
honrorary membership of the society! (username:
[bertie](/User:Berties "wikilink"). Please don\'t send him too much

Bertie gets honorary membership

[Image:Rbwiki_BertieAhernVisit_karlbertie.jpg](/Image:Rbwiki_BertieAhernVisit_karlbertie.jpg "wikilink")

Schedule for the day

[Press Release
(Schedule)](/Media:Rbwiki_BertieAhernVisit_press-fax.doc "wikilink")

Bertie Ahern\'s Speech

[An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern\'s
speech](/Media:Rbwiki_BertieAhernVisit_DcuBertieSpeech.doc "wikilink")

Speech by the Taoiseach,\
Mr. Bertie Ahern T.D., at the Launch of\
DCU\'s Networking Society\'s new server\
at Dublin City University,\
Thursday 21 May 2001 at 3.00pm\

Professor Ferdinand Von Prondzynski, President DCU;\
Dr. Patricia Barber, Registrar;\
Donal Mulligan, Chairman, Redbrick Student Society.\
I\'m delighted to be here in DCU today, next door to my old school St.
Aidan\'s, to celebrate the introduction of your new server. I\'ve been
told that the new server has roughly thirty times the memory capacity
and forty-five times the storage capacity of the original redbrick
server, which you launched only five years ago. It just goes to show the
massive improvements that continue to take place in technology.

I want to congratulate you, Karl , on winning the \'Best Society
Individual\' award at the Clubs and Societies Awards here in DCU.
Congratulations also to Redbrick for achieving the \'Best Society\' from
the Board of Irish College Societies. This is an excellent achievement
for a relatively new society.

I noticed from the news reports section of the Redbrick website that the
question you ask freshers when you want to get them to join is \"do you
like beer\", because, according to the report, beer is what Redbrick is
all about!

Looking at the work that your society is involved in, I don\'t know
where you get time for beer. You are involved in a range of projects
that goes beyond the university and out into the local community.

One of the aims of the Redbrick society is to help educate people in the
usage of Internet utilities and resources. Your courses provide
opportunities for students, including learning about a new operating
system or becoming familiar with the Internet. You also provide courses
for children in the local area and beyond. Your assistance provides a
valuable resource to ensure that the coming generation can participate
more fully in the information society.

We in Government recognise the Net as a huge opportunity for Ireland. We
are already taking advantage of it in many ways. Over the last few
weeks, two major public service projects have taken important steps
forward. The OASIS and BASIS websites, which provide unified points of
access to the citizen and to business respectively, now provide detailed
information for users. You can also download application forms for a
huge range of public services from these sites.

Job seekers can use the FÁS site to view a range of employment
opportunities. By the end of next year we are aiming to have birth
certificates, passports and driving licences available online.

The Government has taken a number of key initiatives in the area of
connecting people to the Information Society, ranging from international
connectivity through the Global Crossing link, to the CAIT Initiative
which will help to connect local communities to the Net, an initiative
which has generated huge interest.

Because we, as a Government, recognise the importance of looking to the
future, we are investing heavily in our people, in skills development,
and, to an unprecedented degree, in R&D - with an allocation of nearly
two BILLION pounds, to move our IT sector up the value chain in the
competitive global economy.

You picked some interesting names for previous servers used by the
society, including \'nurse\', \'nanny\' and \'mother\'. These words are
usually associated with caring and nurturing, and I must say they seem
particularly appropriate for the work that you do with the North Dublin
Access Programme and the Centre for Talented Youth. You are nurturing a
new generation of children who will become Internet aware and computer
literate because of your work. I\'m sure many of these children will
soon be coming here as students, with a keen interest in computer
applications and networks, thanks in large measure to the tutoring that
you provide.

Already, the current generation is witnessing a communications
revolution - one that is changing forever the way we live - giving us
more information and empowering us in all kinds of ways.

We\'re familiar with the figures, that 4 out of every 10 Irish people
have access to the Net - and that figure is growing all the time, as the
internet becomes increasingly relevant to our lives. Students all over
the country have Internet access in their schools and colleges.

It is very encouraging to see the partnership between Sun Microsystems
and the society. The new server is not just your average PC. It is a
state-of-the-art network server with massive storage and memory
capacity. It will provide a platform not just for the society but also
for student projects and of course for the children involved in the
Access Programme and the Centre for Talented Youth courses. I know that
the society is very grateful for this generous sponsorship.

Keeping Ireland at the forefront of the Information age will not be
easy. It will require massive investment in infrastructure, training and

The Government is determined to see the benefits of the Information
Society made widely available to maximise the opportunities available
for all citizens. That\'s why we\'re focusing on developing the
Information Society in Ireland. We know how important it is to make the
new technologies relevant to everyday life - for everyone. That\'s why
my Department is currently working with other Government Departments to
identify how they can best deliver their services electronically.

The internet is central to the delivery of online Government services -
and becoming more so. There will come a time - and the sooner the better
- when internet access will be \"always on\", ready to use speedily on
whatever device people want to access it, to get information, for
entertainment, or of course, to advertise a society outing.

I wish you every success with this new server, which should assist you
in your excellent work for many years to come.


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In 2001, Redbrick won the DCU \"Best Society\" award at the Clubs &
Societies Awards Ceremony:

[Image:Rbwiki_BestSociety_DCP03522.jpg](/Image:Rbwiki_BestSociety_DCP03522.jpg "wikilink")

In 2001, Redbrick also won the \"Best National Society\" award at the
Board of Irish College Societies (BICS) awards:

[Image:Rbwiki_BestSociety_DCP03601.jpg](/Image:Rbwiki_BestSociety_DCP03601.jpg "wikilink")


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The story of bing and dzzt originated at a party thrown by Lecter in his
house, where many cocktails were consumed and much falling over done. As
Wishkah, Toaster and Shadow lay quasi-conscious in a bed, from the
inebriated brain of one of the three came the word \"Bing\", and its
correct response, \"Dzzt\". Over time, a story evolved, explaining these
mystical, compelling words. This story is as follows:

There are bings. There is a dzzt. The bings go bing. The dzzt goes dzzt.
There is a farmer. The farmer goes buddaboing. The farmer is herding the
bings over the dzzt. There is a bong. The bong is positioned directly
over the dzzt. If a bing goes bing at the same time as the dzzt goes
dzzt, it flies up and hits the bong, which goes bong.

And that\'s it. There were a few expansions made later on, most notably
involving the farmer\'s dog and the words \"darf\" and \"yoing\", but
they never gained the recognition afforded to the original.

The key to understanding Bing & Dzzt is that it doesn\'t make sense, and
therefore can not be understood. If you\'re looking for a meaning or
grain of logic, you\'re doomed to failure, because none exist. If you
can comprehend its uncomprehendibleness, perhaps you will one day
comprehend it.


Origionally from the [Encyclopedia](/Encyclopedia "wikilink")

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<div style="background:#f3f3f3;color: red; padding:0.2em 0.4em 0.2em 0.4em;">
BitchX was removed from Ubuntu 8.04 following problems with upstream
security patches being applied. For this reason it is not currently
installed on any RedBrick servers. Users are free to compile their own
BitchX, but no support will be provided for this.

BitchX is another program that can be used to connect to RedBrick chat.
Many of it\'s basic commands are the same as the default program, irssi.
Here we\'ll tell you about some of the differences

An Extension to Navigation

This might seem of little use on RedBrick, mainly due to the fact that
chat here is mainly revolved around one room (\#lobby). However it is of
essential use on other irc servers.

It is possible using BitchX to create another \"invisible window\" and
switch between the two simultaniously. to do this type

`[#lobby] /win new hide`

This creates a new hidden window. Now to swtch between the two windows.

To go to Window 1, ie the one you should be in, hit Alt and 1. To switch
to window 2, ie the hidden one, hit Alt and 2. This can be done for more
windows obviously. This should aid you chat in two channels more easily.
Detaching the window

This one is straight from ur sysadmin phil :0) While in chat using
BitchX and you wish to leave for a short period like if you have to mail
some one quickly. Type /detach at the prompt like so\...

`[#lobby] /detach`

This detaches BitchX form the terminal but keep the session alive
(Unlike Ctrl-Z). To return to chat type scr-bx.

Private Chat session

If you find yourself constantly messageing someone, especially if ye are
having a good discussion using the /query function. To start a
conversation with some-one type

`[#lobby] /query "username"`

So you wanted to start a converastion with me you would type\...

`[#lobby] /query mark`

To end the conversation simply type /query. This works very well with
the /win new hide function.

A little about set

It is possible to change some of the settings in BitchX (bah it\'s a
\*unx program what did you expect :0)) to see which variables there is
in BitchX type /set. (Note: you might want to log your session first as
the list scrolls up fairly fast

Now when you have picked out what variable you want to changing (Please
note that there is a certain amount of these variables can only be
changed by admins =))

I\'ll give you one concrete example and let ye all go and experiment
with the rest yourself :0) there is a variable called LOGFILE. This is
where the log\'s of chat are recorded. To change this variable (And most
others) simlpy type

`[#lobby] /set {NAME_OF_VARIABLE} [Value of Variable]`

So here it would be

`[#lobby] /set LOGFILE ~/irc/chat.log`

This now means that chat\'s logfile is pointed to a text file called
chat.log in a folder called irc in your home directory.i But you\'ll
probally want to start the logging proccess as well :oP. To do so..

`[#lobby] /set LOG on`

This starts the logging service to the file we specified earlier on.
There are a good few variables, so have fun experimenting :0)

Using .bitchxrc to make your life easier

As you probally noticed there is quite a large abount of variables to be
set and so you can imagine that typing them out each time you login, is
more than a pain. And it would be if there wasn\'t the .bitchxrc file to
make your life easier :0)

Like all rc file the .bitchxrc file is a file that exectutes it\'s self
each time the revelant program/shell is exectued. If you store these
variable in you .bitchxrc file each time you login to chat it will start
logging chat to the revelant file. I hope you can see why this is of
huge help :0)

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Bitlbee tunnels instant messaging traffic (including MSN, ICQ, Yahoo,
Jabber) to a virtual IRC channel and virtual IRC queries. What does that
mean in english I hear you say. Basically it lets you connect to yahoo,
msn or google talk through your redbrick chat.

Starting Bitlbee in irssi

To start bitlbee in irssi type

`/connect bitlbee`

This opens a new window, the bitlbee control window. You\'ll notice
there seems to be another person in this channel called \"root\". This
is the bitlbee system (we\'ll tell you how to rename it later).

Starting Bitlbee in weechat

To add your bitlbee server to weechat just type in the weechat window

`/server add bitlbee`

Before you connect you must have your nick set up so:

`/set irc.server.bitlbee.nicks "your nick"`

Then to connect simply type

`/connect bitlbee`

Adding accounts

This section tells you how to add accounts to the system.

#### MSN

`account add msn `<msn address>` `<password>

#### Yahoo

`account add yahoo `<password>

#### Google Talk

`account add jabber`\
`account gtalk set oauth on [`**`Follow`` ``on-screen`` ``commands`` ``to`` ``authenticate`` ``using`` ``OAuth`**`]`\
`account gtalk on`

#### Facebook

Official more detailed guide:

Use the same email you use to log in to facebook, and either your main
password or an app password.

An app password can be generated via the: [security
on the Facebook website.

`account add facebook `<email>` `<password>

Signing In

Once you\'ve set up your accounts turn them on by typing

`account facebook on`

If you have multiple accounts set up you can turn them on one by one by
specifing the number (accounts are numbered from 0 in the order you set
them up)

`account list`

will tell you the numbers associated with each of your accounts. To turn
on account one type

`account on 1`

Similarly you can sign out by typing

`account off`\
`account off 1`

### Seeing who else is signed in

You\'ve probably noticed by now that you\'ve been joined in this channel
by your buddies. Using the /names command as usual will tell you who is
signed in, but you\'ll see much more information by typing


<s>In the case of Facebook, you will have a list of user IDs rather than
names. You can rename them manually, or get a renaming script for

Tested for weechat only, names are fine