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943 B

The Redbrick Band was considered by DoC and lithium, and then again with the addition of nemo. It is known that Redbrick has members that are quite musically talented, and the challenge is to put together a song that is recorded by Redbrick members, preferably without playing together during the recordings (i.e. we play in the dank depths of our own rooms and upload instrument tracks for compilation).

Musicians So Far

Here is a list of volunteers and people who were selected as volunteers. They may not know that they're in a band but who cares tbh. Please add musical skillz as appropriate. kcheerz bai.

    • DoC: bass guitar
    • lithium: rhythm guitar and backing vocals
    • gizmo: lead guitar
    • nemo: lead guitar
    • atlas: vocals
    • train: triangle
    • abolo: rhythm and some fancy picking
    • dregin: drums

Our Crew

So far, attol has been selected for our public relations officer. Again, she may not be aware of this.