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The Engineering Society and Redbrick common room is a room in the Engineering building which members will have exclusive access to. The common room was opened during November 2011.
Access to N109 is currently operated by a swipe card system. Cards can be requested from the committees of EngSoc and Redbrick as applies.
Members must agree to a set of rules (a copy of which are located in the common room) before receiving an access card for the common room.
The common room is divided into four distinct areas.

  • The Kitchen.
  • The Dining/Computer Area.
  • The Lounge Area.
  • N109A.\


The kitchen area features utilities such as a fridge, which members can store items in, a microwave, a sandwich toaster, boiling water and a dishwasher. All food items should be labeled if being left in the room.
Tableware and cutlery is provided for the use of members of both societies. We ask that these are looked after, and placed into the dishwasher for cleaning after use.
We will also attempt to provide a supply of tea, coffee and milk for members at all times.
The kitchen area also includes several notice boards, which will be used to advertise DCU and society events.\

Dining/Computer Area

This area includes several tables and chairs for the use and comfort of the members.
It also includes four computers (including Ceiling Cat) all of which run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with an LXDE desktop environment.\


The lounge area includes two comfy couches and a television. So far one of the favourite areas in the room, the television features a HDMI port, which will only ever be used with good intentions.
A selection of magazines (eg. Times & Uptime) are planned to be stored here for perusal.
There is strictly no eating or drinking in this area, in order to protect the furniture. Any consumption of food and/or drink must be done in the kitchen or dining areas.\


N109A will be open to members in future. This area is intended as an area for members to access to equipment which they can use for personal and university projects. The equipment for this area will be donated by the school of Engineering in DCU.\